Top 10 Reasons Kucoin Could Be The Next Binance

When Binance first came out, it took the cryptocurrency community by storm in just a span of six months. Moving forward, as they aim to scale better, binance somehow closed their doors which gave way for the Kucoin volume to increase.

Kucoin was released in Hong Kong at 2017. Now, it is considered one of the best cryptocurrency exchanges out there. It is a revolutionary digital coin, as the founders of Kucoin want to change the world with this cryptocurrency trading.

Today, there are 100 million Kucoin in the market and every token can become a valuable investment.

Will Kucoin become the next Binance? Let us look at the following reasons that indicate this possibility.

  1. Kucoin Has a Referral Program

There is no referral payout. You only need to create an account and get your referral code. The more referrals you make, the more cryptocurrency income you acquire.

It is also referred to as an invitation bonus. You receive part of the trading fees that your invitees will get over time. This pyramid effect has a financial benefit especially for the traders, since Kucoin does not make money for each referral.

  1. Safe Operation and System

The level of operation and the system itself have been doing security efforts to keep Kucoin safe. The system was designed with the use of financing standard levels. All the user information, including the sensitive data are stored and secured at a bank level through data encryption. For added security, you have the multifactor dynamic authentication.

For the operational level, there is a team of internal risk control and another department for the operational processes. Both departments follow strict standards for approval and multilevel review.

  1. Kucoin Offers Low Fees

This cryptocurrency exchange has affordable withdrawals and tradings. Making a deposit requires no fee. Depending on the asset you buy, only 0.1 percent are alloted for trading fees. With regard to withdrawal fees, some are free while others are based on the type of cryptocurrency but with incredibly low amount.

Note that users benefit most from the fees. At some point during the process, users get about 90 percent of the trading fees. The remaining 10 percent is what goes to Kucoin. About 50 percent of it goes to the KCS users, which is the biggest portion of all. The 40 percent goes to the referral program.

  1. Blockchain Assets

To support the trading pairs of  cryptocurrency, Kucoin makes use of an underlying technology. It consists of LTC, KCS, NEO, and many other ERC20 tokens. Kucoin also uses a specialized feature that enables managers or new users to register  cryptocurrency pairs to start trading.

TFL, UTRUST, LAToken, QLink, and new currencies are always being added. Kucoin want to create a secure market share as they offer coin pairs ahead of other exchanges.

  1. Financial Safety

The Kucoin platform has many different levels of security in terms of micro-withdrawal wallets.

With the use of Cloud Amazon Web Services, these wallets are kept in a network architecture that is secured and private. Your wallet also benefits the solid firewall of the Cloud. For macro-wallets, they are generally in the bank storage. The wallets’ documentation makes use of multilayer encryption.

  1. Simple and Easy View of Trading and Markets

The website of Kucoin has a modern, simple, and clean take. Even the overview screen of the markets are user-friendly. You can easily view the pairs of trading. Selecting from USDT, KCS, ETH, NEO, to BTC is incredibly easy.

  1. Kucoin Provides Fast Processing Service

When it comes to withdrawals, it is fast and easy. If you withdraw big amounts, it would take more or less 10 minutes of waiting. Some withdrawals are completed in a matter of seconds. The process of depositing requires only a couple of minutes.

  1. Constant New Coins

You are able to trade with Bitcoin and Ethereum when you are using Kucoin. Of course, NEO has a good positioning in the exchange, considering that the Kucoin company is Chinese. There are many other available cryptocurrency trading pairs.

The good news is, new coins are being added to the exchange almost every week. The community usually vote for these coins, while the majority of them are from ICO.

It is considered to be a solid investment to have these new coins. An expected growth will transpire as more and more exchanges happen in the world of Kucoin cryptocurrency.

  1. Efficient and Reliable Customer Service

What makes a consumer feel annoyed or disappointed? It is a poor and absent customer service. This is not the case with Kucoin. You can reach them with any of your issues or questions through their website, email address or hotline number any time of the day. This is because their customer service team is at your disposal 24/7.

The customer support team wants to maintain a good reputation of being available all the time, and being able to fix and find solutions to problems in a timely manner. What’s more, the customer service of Kucoin is willing and open to hear your suggestions.

  1. Professional, Well-Seasoned Kucoin Team

Even though Kucoin has just been launched in 2017 and is considered young in the cryptocurrency and Blockchain technology, the team behind it and been researching and doing studies about digital coin tradings and exchanges. In fact, the founding team has began since 2011.

Thanks to their expertise and many years of ironing out the service and other details, there was never a reported case of flaws with Kucoin since it was introduced. The team’s hard work and dedication has paid off.

To shed light on the background of Kucoin, it was only in 2017 that they assembled their development and research team.


Kucoin has gathered more than two million users after several months since it was launched. New registrations continue to come in and the system is still growing. If you think the last few years was a great time for cryptocurrency, it is believed to be more so in 2018. With the reasons provided above, you might want to start buying Kucoin and joining the cryptocurrency exchange trading today.


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