Usechain (USE) Is Now Listed At KuCoin Cryptocurrency Exchange

The first mirror identity chain project powered by the blockchain technology called Usechain is now part of KuCoin Cryptocurrency Exchange.

Deposits are not available with supported trading pairs such as USE/BTC and USE/ETH. Buying order will commence at 17:30 UTC+8, Selling at 18:00 UTC+8, and Withdrawal at 20:00 UTC+8.

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All trading transactions can be done utilizing KuCoin’s Android and iOS apps or through their official website at

About Usechain

Usechain is a platform that endeavors at developing the first ever mirror identity blockchain ecosystem that promotes the use and utilization of blockchain technology. The platform proposes at improving performance by providing transaction management and support process that is efficient, identity-based, and with low technical restrictions applicable to the mass market.

The platform converges on introducing a new consensus mechanism and a randomized proof of work to balance correctly strong security and high performance. To bring a new generation of the blockchain, Usechain will work with multi-level encryption and authentication methods, zero proof, identity virtual machine, enhanced smart contract as well as other advanced technologies.

How does Usechain operates?

Usechain is established on mirror identity protocol merged with high-level variations in structure design and technology to eradicate the delays in the process of progressing blockchain and bring a positive balance between security, scale, and decentralization. Usechain, as an ecosystem is evolving fast and will hold thousands of credit-based and identity-based applications in the future.

With the advancement in the ecosystem, the behavioral data that is created by events and people will be transparent and resolute in the identity-based ecosystem. Usechain has established a precondition where it uses the same level of security for sustaining privacy between identity and anonymous public blockchain. By doing so, the platform provides the infrastructure that supports decentralized applications employed in a variety of businesses and at the same time bring a division between identity and identity verification that has a basis on zero knowledge proof.

The USE Token

USE is Usechain’s platform’s official and transaction token that is based on the ERC20 protocol on the Ethereum blockchain. Users received tokens during the initial Coin Offering. The main purpose of generating the token is to provide an opportunity for all participants to be included in the building of the whole community. The token will also be utilized to reward the developers and supporters of the platform’s community as well as facilitating the entire ecosystem to grow. USE will also enable every participant who holds tokens to use Dapp (Decentralized Application).

The assets gained from the token sale will be used in distributed portions in human labor cost, company service, marketing, platform development, advisor consulting, risk fund and legal compliance.

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