Ways KuCoin Shares can Kick Up Your Earnings

Have you ever wondered what KuCoin shares are? They may surely not be a kick or contest compensation, but the native coin of the KuCoin exchange has the basis in Hong Kong. They may give your earnings a booming kick if you hold the currency through an investment.

Cryptocurrency has now flooded the world with its emergence, news, and benefits that this period may now be the cryptocurrency era. A lot of people are now thinking of investing in them, and some are already holding a threshold of investment. However, some people like the influential Tech billionaire Bill Gates may not still be confident in it. He recently argued that cryptocurrencies may cause death in a reasonably direct way as it does not have a regulatory body or check. It can make it easy to peddle criminal and malicious peer-to-peer transactions as well as others like money laundering and tax evasion. However, despite the statements of billionaires and ardent investors, cryptocurrency is still far from being wrong, and it did not create a scratch in what they believed. Allow us to tell you about the stories of digital currency as well as the grants that can secure you. The year 2017 may be the most exciting year for the cryptocurrency. This year showed a significant display of sleeping giants that reverberate out the threats of bulldozing anyone from the staple.

KCS or KuCoin Shares are one of the currencies that moved from cryptocurrency to an entirely new dimension. It doesn’t give people a return on their investment, but it also compensates people with an incentive fee if they hold its currency. KuCoin Shares allow its holder to become entitled to a portion of the transaction fee that they paid for it on daily operation. As of the moment, it offers 50% of the received transaction fee to all of their customers and half of the trading fees for exchanges its everyday operations may become distributed to the KCS holders. It may appear like a bonus payment, but its dividend is directly proportional to the amount of KuCoin Shares that you hold as well as the value of your daily trade.

The critical features that KuCoin Shares offer to its users:

People who hold KCS are entitled to an encouragement fee from any regular Kucoin transaction.

There is an insignificantly low transaction fee for both withdrawal and transfer.

They provide uptime services.

Their platform is easy to operate.

They have the transaction that pairs with the likes of USDT, KCS, ETH, BCH, NEO, and BTC.

It can establish optimum privacy and security for their customers.

People who use KCS with a higher rank may get one-on-one consultative services for their accelerated customer service and investment strategies.

KuCoin shares can provide financial system stability.

How much can people earn from KuCoin shares?

As of the moment, KuCoin shares holders may become entitled to a $0.0006 bonus on their everyday transactions. The premium may appear meager and not encourage but accumulating it can make it bigger. Aside from that, the number of trade may increase on the platform so the incentive may also go up.

What does the market for Kucoin shares appear?

Launched last September 2017 was the Hong Kong blockchain. It has a twelve man team that aims to provide their users with exchange services and digital asset transaction that are more convenient and safe. They are seeking to construct the state of the art transaction platform and provide comfortable, integrating and safe premium assets all over the world.

Early this January, the coin became the 17th most active exchange concerning volume, and it has a record of $150 million transactions in 24 hours which is why it is now at the rank of 26th. It was able to create a lot of improvement within a few months. KuCoin was able to amass more than 2 million users. As of the moment, the shares of KuCoin has a Market cap of $343,301,589, a fluid supply of 91,043,076 KCS and a trading volume of $730,008.

How you can use KuCoin.com

You will not experience any problems in registering on the official page of KuCoin. In case you haven’t used any cryptocurrency exchange before, you will find it intuitive.

Register on its official page and get on the go through confirming your mail. Start the transaction with two authentications that you can quickly do by downloading the Google authentication application or scan QR code and you can begin the full operation. After you fund your account at the “deposit” section that you can see after you click the “asset” box, you can now start trading.

KuCoin created a platform that had a detailed trading menu that is explicit for the user. Buy or sell by using the “Buy KCS” or “Sell KCS” box at the lower right corner. You may get the KCS at a flat and reasonable rate by clicking on the “Best Price” box. State the amount that you want to buy under “Amount” and your buy will be on the way if you click on “Buy.”

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