Why KuCoin is one of the top cryptocurrencies to invest in?

You have probably heard the cryptocurrency which became the talk for some quite time. But some of us got a little knowledge about this so called cryptocurrency. This article will help you understand more about it. Now let us start by understanding it’s real definition. Cryptocurrency is a digitized, virtual, decentralized currency produced by the application of cryptography. It is an electronic currency, which means you can use it to purchase, to sell and especially to invest in anything you want. Since it was never affiliated nor connected to any government, you can assure your anonymity.

Now that you have got at least the description of it, let us now talk about KUCOIN. It is an exchange where you can trade your Bitcoin, Ethereum, NEO or Tether against different altcoins. This means KuCoin does not have the ability to trade your bitcoin or altcoins against FIAT (USD/EUR/CNY). It does however has market for USDT (Tether).Though this team has just joined the crypto exchange industry last year 2017, they have already proven their great capabilities and now rendering excellent services. Kucoin has now become one of the best cryptocurrency to invest in and still performing well to become the top online investment in the whole world.

Just like any other important things, Kucoin comes with abundant benefits and advantages. Here are some:

  1. Kucoin holders can have a portion of incentives and additional benefits. The fifty percent of the total amount of trading fees will be given to the KCS holders. This does not take into account the initial 200 million, among which 100 million is owned by the team and angel investors. The holders just need to invest the KCS coins into their account to be qualified for the daily bonus they offer. It means they have to purchase coins to acquire the mentioned bonus.
  2. Kucoin holders can enjoy special services. It includes the consultations, investment, customer service Fast-Pass, and many more.
  3. Kucoin holders should get ready for the referral bonus. Each user will be given an invitation code which they can use to invite other people to trade in the platform. This goes for three generations or levels of referrals. Users can have the chance to have twenty percentage of the fees of invited person and another twelve percent of fees of indirectly invited users will go to the indirectly invited users.
  4. KCS Holders can also have gas rewards. This is usually given to Kucoin account users with NEO holdings into their account. The current GAS ratio is at around 0.03 percent and it changes each day depending on the NEO blockchain.
  5. Lastly, they can have lots of discounts on trading fees. In every 1,000 KCS holdings in an account, expect the one percent discount on trading fees. The maximum discount is 30 percent therefore even if the KCS holding exceeds to 30,000, still the holder can only have 30 percent discounts.

All rewards and bonuses can be subjected to changes by Kucoin. As long as Kucoin remains the best trading platform for cryptocurrency, more trading fees will be collected and therefore increasing the size of payouts to the users and KCS holders.


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