ZINC Is Now Available On KuCoin Crypto Exchange Market

ZINC as the world’s first blockchain focusing on revolutionizing references for the recruitment industry is now part of KuCoin‘s tradable tokens. Deposits are now available with buying schedule commencing at 21:30 (UTC+8) while Selling and Withdrawal at 22:00 (UTC+8). Supported pairs include ZINC/BTC, ZINC/ETH, and ZINC/NEO. 

ZINC gets listed on KuCoin

KuCoin is a renowned cryptocurrency exchange market that provides quality service to their users. They have a cutting-edge technology that enables users to experience smooth and easy interface navigation. Also, they have an excellent customer service support that works 24/7 for any queries and assistance.

ZINC Introduction

ZINC previously identified as R_Block is the first semi-anonymous hiring network of the world and is based on blockchain technology. It appears to the marketplace with innovative referencing electronic device. Made on Smart Contracts, it will assists workers with a secure and reliable job system such as full management of skills proofs and historical work data.

With estimated 2 million technological positions in the United Kingdom, opportunities in this area are in this sector are abundant. Lack of belief and increase in prejudice cases creates imbalance in the system.

Definition of Problem

Trust has rapidly turned down because of incorrect use of non-public data like wrong phone calls and spams. People are now aware of the value that private data brings. In just a snap, discrimination became a sensitive issue in the employment industry. Some are misevaluated based on their citizenship or age and not by their skills and experiences.

ZINC which is located in London has recognized several problems and obstacles that the employees and employers encounter in present recruitment system. It started the usage of blockchain technology for the development of robust ecosystem well-suited for the operation.

ZINC Solution

Following the successful launch of its minimal, viable product, the ZINC platform operates on a consortium Ethereum blockchain. It is presently in beta stage, with real-time users who are already profiting from the platform. Smart-contracts secure in evidence until inquired by employees, putting individuals back in control as they own and share references and CVs on their terms. The type of security and trust also adds advantage to recruiters and companies, with ZINC being fully GDPR-compliant. It combined with semi-anonymity, will reduce the fear of prejudice, leaving employees safe in the knowledge that their experience will be recognized based on their experiences and skills and not unfairly skewed.

The Core Team

With an entrepreneurial experience in successful start-ups, the ZINC team joined forces in March 2017 to revolutionize the recruitment business, with a shared passion to re-invent the way employees engage and communicate with firms to showcase their skills.

ZINC team

Luke Shipley, ZINC’s co-founder, explained that they are on a mission to provide all, no matter their career history, equal opportunities in getting the right job for them, without danger of prejudice. ZINC platform intends to put individuals back in control of their data and their careers. They want to provide firms with a streamlined process that increases efficiencies, saving time and money. Equivalently, they hope to decrease difficulties and ease the end-to-end recruitment method, with far more successful, fitting and longer-term appointments.


ZINC’s platform drives the way in implementing the ground-breaking lesson of the distributed ledger to recruitment, bouncing over legacy systems and services, and is set to rock up the recruitment industry for both job seekers and companies. The platform will empower employees with a newfound level of trust and transparency, producing a harmonious and efficient hiring environment.

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