Lamden A Blockchain Powered Enterprise Solution

It is an undeniable fact that most cryptosystems are powered by blockchain technology which is believed to revolutionize the traditional way a particular business operates. It is a kind of distributed ledger that safely records reliable and hard to hack information in a peer to peer network manner.

The impact that it can offer is massive and limitless. These are somehow, the reasons why lots of people and businesses got engaged in the idea of the blockchain. More and more developers tend to produce a new one, and it would be relevant if there is something that will help them throughout the creation.

Lamden: Introduction and its token

It is a collection of developer resources that help accelerate the operation of producing new and customized blockchains or apps. Tau token combines these new projects with each other to generate the earliest blockchain solution. It has more common usage as the universal exchange token amongst current cryptocurrencies. It will facilitate TAU to trade easily in between limitless cryptocurrency pairs.

TAU token allows interoperability among cryptocurrencies and applications created by the developer of Lamden. In this time where most of the top cryptocurrencies lost a fair amount of market value, TAU is notably recovering from the loss and can now be considered in a spectacular bull run. The token is currently experiencing price surges on the financial market.

Why some developers prefer Lamden and why you should too?

It is the answer to fundamental imperfections attached to blockchain structures today. Several operating platforms have crucial issues like poor block times, excessive transaction expenses and challenging to learn languages. It causes application and commercialization blockchain more pricey and tough for businesses in comparison to traditional technology. With the use of high features and fully improved tools, Lamden was able to flip back that situation and take the state-of-the-art blockchain not just for the hands of skilled but also to beginner developers.

Products of Lamden

Saffron, blockchain-generator developers and companies to conceptualized and position private chains efficiently. It allows custom-blockchain solution suited appropriately to any specifications of a particular project. It can be achieved through the use of templates with a provided strong variation of choices.

Clove is an application which helps atomic swapping easier on different chains.  Payment channels can swap and enable communication (trustless) among well-matched blockchains in the network. It allows users to trade any of the 150 cryptocurrencies in a snap.

Flora is a dispersed manager of a smart contract like in Ethereum and in other chain contracts. It helps developers in sharing usually used codes that minimize the time for developing frequently repeated tasks.

The team

A significant part of Lamden success and great development must be credited to all founding and advising team who works brilliantly since day one. CEO Stuart Farmer, Chief Operation Officer Nick Huber, Chief Technology James Munsch, Mario Hernandez and Sev Ladtchenko make up the solid Lamden team. It has nine amazing advisors namely Cristina Dolan, Rob Behnke, Gopalan Mukundan, Oyedeji Oluwoye Gianluca Ruggiero, Noah D. Stone, Viveik, Achim Jedelsky and also Leonard Tan.


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