Lykke A Global Marketplace on the Blockchain

Lykke (LKK) is an open-source and non-proprietary single marketplace where any financial instrument can be traded and settled via peer-to-peer (p2p) with second-by-second (s2s) interest payments sans the interference of 3rd party service providers and/or middlemen. It is where transactions are traded and exchanged for any other digital asset at a fair market price.

Unlike the infrastructure of existing marketplaces, Lykke is a high level playing field where users (with an internet connection) can get full access.

Lykke is a cryptocurrency project of Lykke AG Corporation, it is a Fintech (financial technology) company.

The Special Features of Lykke (LKK)

The Lykke (LKK) cryptocurrency eradicates the marketplace inefficiencies, promotes equal access from anywhere across the globe, and supports trade of any object or value. With that being said, here are its special features:

  • Zero Based Commissions
  • Issuance Services
  • Institutional Clients Support
  • Lykke Wallet – The LKK digital wallet mobile application is the key element to a hassle – free trading and exchange of fiat currencies and cryptocurrencies, with full support for margin trading. This digital wallet comes with the following features which include balance check, transactions history, blockchain details for all types of transactions at a glance, private wallets for organized funds, Margin Trading Wallet feature (available on selected countries only), private key import, trading/investing assets, operations made easy with its QR code. Having said that, users can buy and sell digital assets such as BTC, ETH, FX, cryptocurrency tokens, and other digital assets on the Lykke platform. The LKK wallet is available to download on Google Play and Apple iOS store.
  • Colored Coin Protocol – This feature enables every financial instrument to be a listed security on the blockchain in the form of a digital token called the Colored Coin (a colored coin is not a cryptocurrency as this has a specific issuer and is backed by real financial assets) via the said protocol. Having said that, the Colored Coin follows the concept of “coloring” a specific BTC – the issuer assures to handout the fundamental assets to an individual who returns the said coin.
  • Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) – This special feature offers a unique prospect to rewire the prevailing financial system for extensively better efficiency and equality of access. The distributed ledger technology serves as a global notary service to record and settle all types of transactions.

What is the LKK Token

The LKK Token is the native payment system and utility token that is issued by the Lykke ( Having said that, have indicated the details of the LKK token:

LKK Token InformationMetrics
Cryptocurrency Project TypeBlockchain
PlatformBitcoin and Ethereum Blockchain
CategoryNot supplied
AlgorithmNot supplied
JurisdictionNot supplied
White paperNot supplied
Master nodeNo
Funds in EscrowNo
Restricted CountriesUnited States of America (USA)
Team LocationZurich, Switzerland
Registered CompanyLykke AG Corporation

List of Lykke (LKK) Licensed Exchange Sites

The Lykke exchange platform operates similarly to JAVA in a sense that it is compatible with any blockchain. The LKK exchange is initially used for its main currencies and two innovative projects:

  • Colored Coins for music copyrights
  • Colored Coins for CO2 (carbon credit) Certificates

Aside from that, the LKK exchange is made for the perspective asset classes which includes:

  • Future and options on digital assets
  • Crowdfunded loans for retail
  • Private equity financing for Small and Medium – sized Enterprises (SMEs)
  • Contracts for differences
  • Zero coupon bonds
  • Natural capital bonds, and other fixed incomes

The Lykke exchange, together with its tools and services, are open – source; and the transparency of its technology is ideal for research. With that being said, users can buy, sell, and trade the following cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies on the LKK exchange:

LKK Licensed Exchange SitesTrading Pairs

The Team behind Lykke (LKK)

The Lykke (LKK) core team is crowd – based at all levels with citizen contributors from around the globe. Without further ado, here are the key people behind it:

  • Richard Olsen – Founder and Chief Executive Officer (CEO); Olsen is a pioneer in high – frequency finance with extensive entrepreneurial experience. He also happens to be a Co – Founder and CEO of OANDA – a currency information company and market maker of foreign exchange (fx).
  • Igor Samohin – Works on the B2B Projects
  • Simon Olsen – Product Innovation
  • Sergey Ivliev – Assigned on the Products and Operations
  • Demetrios Zamboglou – Assigned on the International Operations
  • Philipp Richner – Assigned on accounting
  • Mihail Nikulin – Assigned on technology
  • Yiannis Menelaou – Works on the LKK Cyprus and ICO platform
  • Igor Rumiantsev – Assigned on the Product and Program Management
  • Erwin Fedier – Lykke de Mexico SA (company designation)
  • Lena Mechenkova – Assigned on communications
  • Andrey Migin – Works on software development
  • Tatyana Alimova – Assigned on support
  • Tim Zinin – Assigned on Marketing
  • Nicky Chalabi – Assigned on Lykke Netherlands Exchange
  • Heinrich Zetlmayer – Board of Directors
  • Alan Laubsch – Assigned on Natural Capital Markets
  • Oleg Zhelenkov – Works on the backend Architecture and Development
  • Shahpour Moavenat – Works on the blockchain
  • Quah Zheng Wei – Assigned on Lykke Singapore
  • Iulian Circo – Assigned on Natural Capital Markets
  • Roland Gemayel – Works on the market risk
  • Svetlana Zhelenkova – Quality Assurance
  • Philip Netzer – Lykke Switzerland
  • Delphine Forma – Assigned on the global compliance
  • Niklaus Mettler

The Lykke (LKK) Roadmap Plan

Lykke (LKK) is establishing a global online marketplace for the free exchange of digital financial assets. It aims to leverage the power of the blockchain technology for fast and highly secure transactions. Given that intention, we have outlined the development progress that the team has accomplished since its launch:

Q4 2016

  • Margin trading has officially began
  • Retail foreign exchange (FX) has been regulated
  • Off chain has been made scalable for more than 100,000 transactions per second

Q1 2017

  • LKK is now supported by the Ethereum blockchain
  • Multisignature wallets has been released
  • Inter blockchain atomic swaps has been released

Q2 2017

  • Payment system provider has been released

Q3 2017

  • Institutional foreign exchange (FX) has been regulated
  • Fixed income products has been released
  • Average daily volume has been increased to $1 billion USD


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