Lympo (Lym): Sport And Wellness Blockchain Technology

Lympo is a blockchain-based startup that includes a singular, inspiring mission. They would like to build an engaging Sport and Wellness blockchain platform which incentivizes people to live a proper lifestyle and be rewarded for this. The Lympo ecosystem is their answer. Powered by simply both blockchain and user-contribution data that includes health and fitness files collected by mobile well-being apps, Lympo will allow the exchange of value typically through the deals of its system expression – the LYM tool token. 

The ecosystem can reward users and sector stakeholders fairly. The platform involves three pillars – typically the Lympo fitness wallet, some sort of marketplace, and the crowdfunding software.

Fitness Wallet – The wallet characteristics as the entry into the eco-system and allows users to earn healthy lifestyle bridal party (LYMs).

Marketplace – LYM tokens could be earned and spent with the ecosystem marketplace for products, services, and healthy way of life activities.

How Does the Lympo System Work?

Lympo programs to create a user-generated and managed fitness and wellness environment where the exchange of “value” is achieved via the LYM utility token. The organization aims to create a marketplace wherever environment members use data and everyone is compensated for this use. The environment will be comprised of several different residential areas of distinct participants, most of whom overlap, share files and contribute to the ongoing regarding the ecosystem.

The blockchain-enabled ecosystem is also being included with the existing Lympo platform which often enables users to find fitness experts in Lithuania currently which is in the process of expanding for you to California in the U. H. and Melbourne Australia. The device reaches presently over five hundred fitness professionals.

Health-conscious customers – At the center of the paradigm is the mHealth or even wearables consumer but additional user groups who will have the ability to use and participate as well. The following groups of people is going to be incentivized to use the system using the central goal of allowing a healthier lifestyle for all people.

Personal and sports trainers – These people gain a productive promoting entry into a community that is certainly actively searching. But they also will use the Lympo system to help monitor client’s progress, employ gamification techniques created by the working platform to motivate and entice customers and gain an exceptional advertising proposition in the process.

Gyms and other fitness businesses – Businesses in the vertical will be able to arrive at a distinctly pre-selected visitors of potential core individuals. They will also be able to associate with shoppers via the platform rewards method, gain insights from customer data, utilize the system’s unique marketing opportunities and equipment as well as enter into ongoing relationships with token ecosystem organizations.

Health Insurers and Organisations – Incentivizing healthy lifestyle of clients and staff is one way to keep premiums lower and employees healthy. The system provides excellent incentives regarding potential clients as well as data-based supervision options driven by consumer data.

Health and fitness apps – The platform creates a unique solution to penetrate a health and fitness oriented market of active consumers, bringing new users, added in value for existing people and interaction with a likely vast, but aimed client base.

Investors – People seeking to enter the blockchain in addition to health world will be made it easier for in their search for innovative corporations by accompanying reviews by means of users and experts and have access to data enabled by LYM tokens to understand person activity, reviews, and reviews by industry experts.

Benefits of Lympo Token

Just how accomplish this reward and incentivization do the job? The system uses a utility small to connect users and exercises and pay for services proposed by program partners. Consumers may buy tokens to pay for services and other healthy lifestyle routines supported by the platform (such as visiting a participating bodily therapist). There are two types regarding token awards and several areas to spend them.

Healthy lifestyle activities: Participants obtain system tokens if they develop an entirely healthy lifestyle goal like running 5 kilometers, after having a correct diet and uploading records to the Lympo report.

Healthy location rewards: Participants who check into a new health facility, a workout center or attend a activities competition for a certain amount of energy are also rewarded with also. Participants in platform subsidized and advertised events (like a local 5k fun run) can also earn token incentives.

The Lympo Marketplace: The developing health providers marketplace is the place where users can spend their particular tokens on everything from large platform features (like customized advertising placement), users should purchase discounted goods and services provided by corporate and business partners to creating token-reimbursed advertising and outreach campaigns.

Lympo Crowdfunding Platform: Token holders will also gain access to a section of the ecosystem just where they can review and check out up and coming apps, services as well as other wellness start-ups as well as spend money on and use them.

Where to Buy and Trade Lympo (LYM) token?

Lympo (LYM) is listed on few cryptocurrency markets including the state of the art blockchain exchange platform, KuCoin, on March 3, 2018. Other exchanges are and Cobinhood.

KuCoin Listed Lympo (LYM)

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