MATRIX AI The First Intelligent Open Blockchain Platform

The difficulties facing today’s blockchains have to be settled before the goal of cryptocurrency can become a certainty. Artificial Intelligence technology has gained an unparalleled increase in the preceding decade, produces out-of-the-box solutions to resolve these challenges. Matrix is created to be an intelligent chain that can unleash the potential and existing power of the blockchain technology.


The essential capacity to handle scaled business practices is made possible by smart contracts. It needs the users to be capable of writing programs in a provided programming language. With MATRIX, it does not require programming expertise to design smart contracts. The unique code generation method of Matrix permits automatic conversion of a complex classification of a smart contract into an executable application.

MATRIX’s Technological Innovation

MATRIX is an open-source blockchain that helps smart contracts and machine learning providers. With its infrastructure rebuilt with artificial intelligence (AI) systems, MATRIX transforms the user experience of performing smart contracts by delivering the entire process faster, easier, and reliable. It extends to a technological breakthrough in developing highly flexible blockchain networks, which help adaptive self-optimization and multi-chain collaboration. In addition to refactoring the blockchain with AI. MATRIX also enables its mining power to utilized AI based big data applications.

The purpose of MATRIX depends on a considerable number of innovations both AI and blockchain technologies. MATRIX differentiates itself from its predecessors and initializes a new production of blockchain. Artificial Intelligence operates a vital function in developing Matrix as an intelligent blockchain. Furthermore, MATRIX is also the outcome of extensive optimization and expansion of the blockchain technology.

Matrix AI Network Token (MAN) Usage

The token is utilized as incentives for mining and required in order to use the dApps. It defines the possibility to be chosen as a delegate because of the PoS consensus. Considering the Matrix’s main chain has not yet been produced, it will deliver a number of demo and beta applications on the Ethereum network. All users of the MAN tokens can later trade to MAN tokens on the new Matrix blockchain on a one-to-one basis.

Token Distribution

15%: ICO
10%; For foundation, backers, management and community initiatives.
After main net launch: 40%: Miner rewards
20%: Additional token sale
15%: Foundation as management and sales incentives, grants, and scholarships to support R&D, administration, marketing and community constructions activities.


The project is managed and supervised by the Matrix Foundation. Registered in Hong Kong, the Foundation has different departments to handle different phases of the development and operations. The team of Matrix endures at the time of composing of more than 20 people and is still increasing.

CEO: Owen Tao
He obtained a Bachelor degree in the double-major (physics and economics) program of Peking University. He managed the development of the 3D virtual community, China’s first embedded game advertising system, and other Internet technology products. He directed the development and operation of China’s first cross-border e-commerce platform, which brought 20 million users around the world. Holding the CEO positions in several high-tech startup companies, he has a rich background in managing product development.

Chief Network Architect: Bill Li
The leading specialist in communication and IC design. He is a principal contributor of multiple 4G, 4.5G(NB-IoT) and 5G standards of China. He was also the chief architect of China’s first WiFi transceiver IC. As a Co-PI, he supervised the design of the dispatch communication system of China’s first aircraft carrier. His performance on communication IC designs won numerous national awards.

Chief AI Scientist: Steve Deng
A veteran of the semiconductor industry. Before joining Matrix, he was a Principal System Architect of AMD and also accountable for the technology partnership of AMD with companies and universities in greater China. Before this position, he held several positions at different leading international IC companies such as Synopsys and ARM. Dr. Shi was also with Samsung Semiconductor as a senior chip design engineer (based at Samsung’s headquarters in Korea).

Partners– Torque Capital Partners, financial investment
– National Center for Remote Diagnosis and Evaluation, To build a cancer diagnosis and treatment system.
– Strategic partnership with the Belt and Road Development Centre in China


‘18 M9: Age of Genesis, Initialisation, and deployment of the basic infrastructure: Infrastructure, Private chain, Inter-chain transaction.
‘18 M12: Age of Speed, Deployment of a high-speed network: AI-enabled PoS + PoW consensus, Random generation of delegates nodes, Evolutionary parameter optimization.
‘19 M4: Age of Civilization: Deployment AI-secured intelligent contracts, Formal verification, AI-based proactive protection, AI created an autonomous constitution.
‘20 M1: Age of Wonder: Deployment of mining facilities and big data Applications, Mining ICs, Computing/mining facility, Big data applications.


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