MedCredits: The Telemedicine On The Blockchain

MedCredits (MEDX) is a cryptocurrency that is based on a telemedicine platform. It is the very first blockchain technology platform that connects patients to physicians worldwide on a decentralized network. It also serves as the very first decentralized registry for physicians.

This cryptocurrency came from the idea of Hippocrates application – the original software developed and released by the founders of MedCredits. It is a user-friendly dApp – dApp stands for a decentralized application which is supported by a backend code that operates on a decentralized peer-to-peer network.

The purpose of MedCredits is to connect patients to licensed dermatologists in the U.S. for fast and real-time diagnosis (yes, patients are guaranteed not to experience waiting even just for a minute to receive a response) with affordable price ranges.

It is created with a goal to decentralize the medical field. Thus, MedCredits (MEDX) serves as a free marketplace system that provides reliable and more affordable healthcare services and medicine. MedCredits (MEDX) aims to provide a cryptocurrency platform for the sick to get the fastest way to diagnosis whenever and wherever they are.

The concept of this telemedicine cryptocurrency platform is to leverage the blockchain technology. Thus, the core team created a network where users worldwide can reach reliable healthcare and medical services at the tip of their fingertips at a low cost.

Because of this, patients will no longer need to head on to the hospital and wait for the long queue before they finally get consultation and diagnosis! MEDX users can get the legitimate medical help they need through a mobile app or asking questions in front of a desktop computer.

Fun fact: Did you know that MedCredits (MEDX) serves as the very first (also the one and only) decentralized network specifically designed for the medical industry? It is the only cryptocurrency utilized for medicinal purposes and healthcare services that are 100% free!

The Special Features of MedCredits (MEDX)

MedCredits (MEDX) features

The MedCredits (MEDX) provide users the tools and features for open-source developments of telemedicine applications. With that being said, listed below are the telemedicine platform’s unique features:

  • MEDX Token-curated registry (MEDX TCR) – MedCredits (MEDX) guarantees its users that all the physicians – on – boarding the ecosystem are licensed medical practitioners. MEDX TCR is an open-source public network that allows users to access a pool of licensed medical practitioners and create decentralized healthcare applications. It provides an incentive game where the medical practitioners seek entry to the physician registry.
  • MEDX TCR primary incentive game – This incentive game comprises of three parties such as (1.) doctors who seek registry – are required to stake MEDX tokens and upload images of medical diploma, license, and certification documents for credential verification; (2.) physician verifiers of applicant credentials – this involves the verifier challenging an applicant if he is nefarious or not, the verifier must match the applicant’s staked tokens. Once they passed the game, the applicants are granted privileges to be recognized and gain access to patients’ case data (3.) patients who are registry consumers must only use MEDX-powered apps if the registry comprises of licensed medical practitioners
  • Partial Lock Commit Reveal (PLCR) Contract – Any challenged applicant will go through voting round where verifiers will vote a “Yea” or “Nay” on the Partial Lock Commit Reveal (PLCR) contract these applicants will be reviewed and approved/disapproved by medical verifiers. If the applicant fails the challenge, the tokens at stake are distributed to the majority voters and vice versa.
  • Physician-verifier registry utility – To guarantee honest votes, verifiers who vote for the majority will be rewarded with a portion of MEDX tokens of verifiers in the minority side and a 1% fee of all the transactions on MEDX TCR.
  • MEDX physician-registry smart contract – if no challenge is initiated by a physician-verifier to an applicant, a medical practitioner’s public key will be automatically added to this contract. Any public key in this contract can freely request to decrypt patients’ case data. On the contrary, if a challenge is initiated, the voting period starts, and all MEDX holders must cast a vote. The voting results will determine if the applicant is admitted to the physician registry or if they are proven a “fake doctor.”
  • Smart contracts – this contract guarantees a hassle-free payment method on both parties by removing the central authority or middleman to make the transaction.
  • Independent nodes – MEDX independent nodes verify all the physician applicants’ credentials; this is to ensure the patients who trust MedCredit that only licensed physicians are a part of the network “NO FAKE DOCTORS ALLOWED.”
  • Borderless network – MedCredit (MEDX) has a borderless network which connects all the time zones across the globe. This allows patients and users to receive instantaneous response and diagnoses any time of the day!
  • MEDX user-friendly app – yes, MedCert is compatible on your mobile device. With this user-friendly app, patients can directly submit their case and get a fast diagnosis (guaranteed no waiting time) by just touching a few buttons and sending a photo (for instance, send a clear picture of their skin rashes to ask what it is and how to treat it).
  • Electronic medical records (EMR) – the ecosystem allows medical professionals to communicate with patients via an interconnected network. Don’t worry, MEDX patients are still and always in control of the private keys to their EMR.

What is the Potential Price of MEDX Tokens?

The potential price of MEDX tokens is based on the patients’ level of trust in a physician registry and if the services provided are used (or not). In return, physician verifiers receive incentives which motivate them to assure users that only certified and licensed medical practitioners are granted privileges to be a physician on-board.

Here is the potential price of MedCredits (MEDX) for the time being:

ICO Price: $0.008518 USD
Market Cap: $? USD; ? BTC; ? ETH
Volume (24 Hours): $62, 453 USD; 9.18 BTC; 116.99 ETH
Circulating Supply: MEDX
Total Supply: 10, 000, 000, 000 MEDX

Where to Store MEDX Tokens?

As of now, the most popular MEDX wallet to store your tokens is Coinbase.

How to Buy MEDX Tokens?

Nowadays, there is no need for you to head on to the hospital just to be consulted by medical professionals, all you have to do is use MedCredits and make use of the MEDX tokens.

  1. Buying MedCredits (MEDX) for funds via your bank account is easy (even for starters), follow the steps below:
    Open a MEDX wallet on Coinbase.
  2. Buy Bitcoin (BTC) and/or Ethereum (ETH) at Coinbase (if Coinbase is not available in your jurisdiction, look for other trading exchange sites that accept deposits from bank accounts and debit cards; go for exchange platforms that transfer BTC and/or ETH to a marketplace that sells MEDX for fiat currency or government-issued currency).
  3. Transfer your newly bought BTC and ETH from your Coinbase wallet to your selected exchange that supports MEDX.

List of MedCredits (MEDX) Trading Exchange Sites

Need some daily dose of good and high-quality MEDX? You better make use of the modernization of the medical field! With that being said, here is the list of legitimate MedCredit trading exchange sites that you should make use of:

Gate.ioMEDX/USDT$0.008474 USD
Gate.ioMEDX/ETH$0.008791 USD
CoinrailMEDX/BTC$0.010376 USD

MedCredits (MEDX) ICO Profile Information

The ICO abbreviation stands for Initial Coin Offering; it is the unregulated way of offering investors units of new cryptocurrency endeavors in exchange. ICO is usually utilized by start-ups who are dodging the difficult capital-raising process that is mandated by financial institutions.

With that being said, below is the detailed table of MedCredits (MEDX) ICO profile information:

Start/End Date1/1


Number of Members2/2
LinkedIn Profiles0/1
Members’ Roles1/1




Restricted CountriesNo restrictions
Know your Customer (KYC)Required


ICO Start/End DateSpecified
MilestonesVery few
LinkedIn ProfileSome members’ profiles are missing
Social MediaFacebook and Github link are missing

The Team behind MedCredits (MEDX)

MedCredits (MEDX) core team is comprised of licensed medical practitioners and techie crypto experts. This cryptocurrency platform was founded by Dr. James M. Todaro and Dr. Moshe Praver who both graduated at Columbia University.

The combination of the world of digital currency and medical industry led to this blockchain network. Without further ado, here are the key people behind it:

MedCredits (MEDX) Core Team

MedCredits (MEDX) Core Team

MEDX Advisory Board

MEDX Advisory Board

The MedCredits (MEDX) Road Plan

MedCredits (MEDX) core team never fails to keep their users health a top priority by modernizing the medical industry. Here is a glance of the MEDX road plan to better telemedicine services:
December 2016 – international recognition of MedCredits as a marketplace for telemedicine services.
March 2017 – telemedicine market analyzation; study of technological/institutional margins of existing telemedicine services.
August 2017 – the official release of whitepaper; MedCredit underwent legal consultation; recruitment of licensed dermatologists for Hippocrates app development
September 2017 – the addition of MEDX to Productive Edge blockchain incubator.
January 2018 – the official release of Hippocrates app; the opening of physician registry; implementation of granting of Hippocrates access upon request.
March 2018 – the opening of physician on-boarding

The MedCredits (MEDX) Project

With the MedCredits core team’s goal of incorporating medical industry to the digital world, the MEDX cryptocurrency can only get better this year 2018 with the following projects:

Q2 2018

  • To release MEDX TCR on the Ethereum (ETH) blockchain
  • Hippocrates to have a mobile app
  • TCR and Hippocrates app to become open-source via GitHub

Q4 2018

  • To adopt and support 3rd party dApps development on the MedCredits platform
  • To launch an “Ask a Doctor” feature
  • To provide live medical consultations
  • 3rd party dApps to have patient charts, appointment setting, appointment alerts, and physician referral program, and the integration of decentralized electronic medical records (EMR)
  • To reach the $200 USD billion market by the year 2020’s

To conclude, MedCredits (MEDX) is indeed creating the very first globally-recognized decentralized registry of physicians. Then, the MEDX tokens to power up the platform’s physician registry. The said registry has the potential to reach a global scale and will initially power up the Hippocrates dApp. It also has the potential to create 3rd party dApps that require licensed medical practitioners.

The said registry also empowers medical professionals to manage their services and can lead to the possibility of forming a peer-to-peer foundation for the healthcare and medical field.

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