Mobius (MOBI): Connecting The World To The Blockchain Ecosystem

Mobius (MOBI), the cryptocurrency that aims to connect blockchain to people and their devices. It is one of the most efficient cryptocurrencies in the industry today that provides impressive new blockchain usage.

It has a set of protocols that connect internet developers to the blockchain network. Mobius intends to become Stripe in the blockchain industry, a standard and straightforward toolkit for developers to associate with various blockchains.

Technical Functionalities

Mobius has various functionalities. One is providing a DApp store, a platform similar to Apple App Store and Google Play Store but with a lower fee. It also has a simple REST API that enables non-blockchain developers to interact with blockchains efficiently such as preparing in-app crypto payment, management, login, and others.

Another function of Mobius is that it aspires to allow Smart Market in the long run, which permits devices to pay for themselves similar to IOTA. For instance, electrical devices can regulate their power consumption based on the electricity price at the time to reduce charges while optimizing performances.

As a guarantee to obtain a clean and secure data input, Mobius has a Proof of Stake Oracle Protocol that requires oracles to lock-in specific amount of MOBI tokens. They will be compensated for more tokens if the data is accurate, and get punished otherwise to incentivize them to ensure good data quality.

Connecting Blockchain And Internet

The center basis of Mobius is to bridge the gap between the Internet and blockchain that will facilitate the mainstream selection of the blockchain.

Mobius ties the gap between the two through a multifaceted solution generating easy developer tools, a consumer DApp Store, and a “Smart Market” to enable efficient transactions of processed real-world data within self-governing agents.

Primitive developer tools and protocols are the first difficulties classified by Mobius towards the mainstream adoption of the blockchain. Current blockchain developer APIs and frameworks are very difficult to utilize. Mobius plans to transform millions of traditional app developers into blockchain developers into manageable and regulated protocols.

The Mobius dApp store will promote easy discovery and adoption of distributed applications. Its tokens will be the default payment option on the dApp store, but, by using Mobius APIs, developers can receive payments in another cryptocurrency.

Mobius Smart Market

The conclusive phase of the Mobius Network is the creation of smart market protocol which will help to buy and to sell services and data between various parties in a sale system. One of the use examples of the smart market protocol is automated bidding and selling data feeds from IoT devices via smart contracts.

Mobius is based on the Stellar platform. Stellar can support about 1,000 transactions per second, along with microtransactions. The MOBI tokens will be utilized for transactions inside the platform, although developers can also accept payments in their own tokens. Network results will incentivize developers to use MOBI tokens. By developing the platform, users and developers will be compensated with MOBI in the first stages of use.

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