Modum (MOD): A Blockchain Powered Data Integrity For Supply Chain Operations

The Modum leverage blockchain technology award-winning team is known for delivering great chain solutions worldwide. After starting off with the pharmaceutical as their pilot industry, the team will be aiming to roll out tailor-made solutions across several sectors over a period. It will be in line with their vision that is to improve all the planets main chain supply operations by using emerging technologies.

Modum ICO is working by sharing all its success with the public. It has Modum digital token that represents participation in profit and company voting rights. The Modum digital token was first launched during the Initial Coin Offering, and it can today be traded on chosen cryptocurrency exchanges.

The Modum Challenge

Supply chains speak to the systems amongst undertakings and their providers to create merchandise, disperse them and convey the completed items to clients. Store network Management (SCM) is the expert field which centers on creating and executing supply chains that are as effective and temperate as could reasonably be expected.

Organizations plan to upgrade their supply chains so they can pick up an upper hand in the commercial center, spilling out of the enhanced efficiencies and economies in their tasks. Be that as it may, inventory network supervisors confront numerous difficulties, on a continuous premise, to satisfy these targets.
In a regularly globalizing world, items should be moved over more noteworthy separations, and speedier, than at any other time. On account of the strategic endlessness related with expanded systems, it has turned out to be to a great degree troublesome – if absolutely feasible for organizations to, uniquely, claim or control the entire dissemination process.

In this way, dependence on outsider specialist co-ops and providers inside a similar store network is fundamental; each is concentrating individually, center skills. Be that as it may, the isolation of duty and control acquaints various dangers with the way toward moving items from their commencement to the last goal.

Furthermore, in the pharma business, such dangers are duplicated. Not exclusively do pharma supply ties need to battle with the key difficulties looked by every other industry – e.g., time, cost, security and following in any case, additionally tight controls encompassing the capacity and transportation of medications.

On its site, Modum completely clarifies the directions laid out by the European Commission for the dispersion and transportation of restorative items for human utilize. The real test postured by these tenets is the onus of confirmation, where pharma merchants are required to track, audit, record and report, among different stipulations, the temperature conditions which the pharmaceuticals were presented to amid transportation.

The Solution

Fueled by blockchain innovation and the Internet of Things (IoT), Modum gives a store network answer for the pharma business, which guarantees statutory consistency, as well as noteworthy cost investment funds over the dynamic cooling techniques presently being used.

The Modum arrangement comprises of four, cutting-edge components, working in culminate concordance; a natural sensor gadget, a cell phones (application), an investigation dashboard and savvy contracts on a blockchain.

Modum’s sensors are completely programmable gadgets which are incorporated with every shipment of pharma items. They are designed by the client as indicated by the scope of natural components to be estimated and enacted toward the beginning of the adventure. From consequently, the sensors track and record the conditions –, for example, temperature variances which the shipments are liable.

The Modum mobile application permits coordination groups to interface and actuates sensors rapidly and proficiently. It likewise allows the accepting party – be it the following production network accomplice or the client at the last goal to perform quick information readouts, without opening the bundle, when the shipment contacts them. The application additionally takes into consideration simple joining of the Modum arrangement into existing coordination activities. By filtering the sensor’s QR code and the bundle’s following number, the sensor is associated easily with any package, while the caution criteria are set remotely.

An investigation dashboard permits coordination groups to program shipments, likewise to pick up an abundance of bits of knowledge concerning the following and survey of the committal all through its adventure, by methods for mass examination, or particular separating. It additionally allows quality affirmation groups to pre-design settings for particular items and encourages mechanized reactions by the program, for example, warnings, item returns, or reshipments on account of deviations.

The savvy contracts – which are incorporated into the Modum arrangement, secure the coordination information of relegation with decentralized blockchain innovation, wherever on the planet the shipment might go at any given time. Bespoke directions, pre-coded into the keen contracts, can likewise incite activities inside the store network, for example, the programmed activating of particular coordination forms, as and when the shipment achieves determined stages en route. Pharma customers especially, utilize Modum brilliant contracts to store temperature edges for their items in travel. If temperatures outside of these points of confinement are recorded, a notice is sent to the sender and the collector of the relegation. Brilliant contracts additionally make secure, changeless and auditable records of shipment conditions to meet client and governmental interests.

The MOD Token

To raise capital for the reasons for creating and putting up the Modum answer for sale to the public, the Company offered its own particular MOD crypto token – of the Ethereum ERC20 type– available to be purchased amid an ICO which kept running from 1-22 September 2017.

Holders of the MOD token are qualified to take an interest later on benefits of the Enterprise, likewise to vote concerning Company matters.

In the MOD Token Overview distributed on their site, Modum reports that, of the aggregate token supply of 27,266,200 MOD, 64 percent were sold amid the group deal. The rest of the 36 percent is secured a keen contract; to be discharged upon future, open voting, concerning the issues determined in the outline, and after achieving the turning points characterized in the Company’s whitepaper.

The MOD token can be purchased and sold on open digital money trades. It is as of now accessible at Binance, KuCoin, Mercatox, and EtherDelta.

After its ICO before the year, MOD exchanged at $0.48. It presently exchanges at $6.70, a significant development in esteem, over time of roughly three months.

The Team and the Partners

The Company, AG, was established in 2016 and portrays itself as a tech startup, creating frameworks to enhance store network forms by consolidating the best of blockchain innovation and IoT.

As it is situated in Zürich, Switzerland, a problem area for fintech and cryptographic money development, and Basel, a European pharma center point where Novartis and Hoffmann-La Roche are headquartered, the Company trusts that it is splendidly situated to put up its innovative answer for sale to the public.

modum team

Modum is under the appropriate administration of its CEO, Simon Dossegger, who holds a Master’s degree in Robotics; the COO, Dr. Stefan M Weber and CTO, Sacha Uhlmann. Whatever is left of the group, top managerial staff and warning board, comprised of, among others, two teachers, two specialists and a few other profoundly qualified industry experts and scholastics, of whom a full depiction is given on the Company site.
Amid 2016, Modum won the major prize, out of 850 new companies from 40 nations, at the Kickstart Accelerator challenge later on and developed innovations class.


Modum speaks to a cutting-edge arrangement, and extraordinary business utilizes case for the standard, headstrong production network challenges, particularly in the pharma business.

What’s more, over that, with the approach of mail-arrange, online drug stores, where solutions are conveyed particularly to the end-user, it is evaluated that an extra 20 million pharma shipments every year, will happen in the EU alone. Profoundly established in bleeding edge blockchain innovation, where decentralized control, self-rule, and permanence are the key foundations, the Modum-arrangement guarantees an incredible view to the extent the difficulties of current, and future, pharmacy dispersion coordination is concerned.
The substantial factors are additionally supported by an honor winning administration group and ideal market acknowledgment of the Modum idea, which is obviously shown in the admirable value execution of the MOD token in open cryptographic money markets.

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