Moonlight A Decentralized Workforce Platform Built on the NEO Blockchain


Moonlight is quoted as the decentralized platform that will revolutionize the way in which you recruit and scale your workforce. So, Moonlight, in general, is an NEO Blockchain based decentralized platform used to manage the decentralized workforce and project management. Moonlight is well known for implementing gig economy mechanics onto analytical project management platforms hence improving the liquidity of the conventional resources. The user’s address will be decorated with finished work on the Blockchain which acts as a trustless resume. Moonlight provides a public work of contributor work experience as well as a matchmaking an algorithm to effectively fulfill project need using a global pool of qualified contributors. This data is also used up by the ecosystem’s project tracking and staffing tools.

The Team Behind Moonlight

moonlight team

The team is mainly composed of the people from the city of Zion. It is a very famous name in the NEO ecosystem as these people have pioneered the NEO python, NEO wallet, NEOMON, etc. Alan Fong is at the helm of Moonlight as its Director and co-founder. He is the co-founder of the famous City of Zion and also an NEP-5 standard developer. He is also an expert in NEO documentation and translation. Tyler B Adam is the architect as well as the co-founder of moonlight. He is also the co-founder of the city of Zion with Alan Fong. He is also an NEP-5 standard author, ME systems engineer, an expert in stochastic modeling and project management. Michael De Val is the backend developer and co-founder. Chris Birmingham is the blockchain developer. Travis Lin is the front-end developer. Elias tan is the director. The moonlight also processes a highly talented advisory team also, making them a formidable team and a force to reckon with.

How does Moonlight work?

Our twenty-first century way of hiring workforce is highly depended on the non digital or the pre-digital mechanisms. Usually the hiring party, they publish a list of required skill sets and the people who meet those skill sets respond to them. This process is very much resource intensive for the publisher and the kind of changes that are happening by the minute; these skill sets might be of no use in the long run. It will result in issues with product development and resource management. It will result in a shortage of talent in the relevant areas and in time the future of the company itself. This is where moonlight comes in.

The first highlight of moonlight is the resource identifier. An inbuilt matchmaking protocol will quickly pair every task to organizations and pairs them accurately so that it can be done quickly. Moonlight also processes advanced project coordination. The advantage of a trustless data set is to set up an advanced project tracking tool. The advantages of having the trustless resumes is that task completed in moonlight become public ledger on the neo blockchain which leaves no room for error and leaves no question on one’s expertise. To reduce project overhead, moonlight will handle the remittance need of the user. Users can use moonlight to leverage their crowdfunding and improve transparency. The other major thing is the decentralized staffing. There will be a global workforce to meet the needs of your projects.

The LUX Token

lux token

Moonlight has the high supply divisible NEP-5.1 system called the LUX token. Users will be rewarded with GAS in proportion with their LUX holdings. This token will also be used as a medium of exchange in the ecosystem. Fourteen percent of the total coins will be given to the team and advisors. Twenty-six percent will be provided to the presale. Thirty percent will be supplied to the main sale. Twenty percent will be contributed to the company itself. Ten percent will be given to private sale.


Moonlight didn’t even have a bit of hype when it emerged. But it is turning out to be a solid project. It has a good team, a good premise, a very well thought out token economics and a crystal clear roadmap. The team shouldn’t have a problem delivering quality service. It will have its share of battle with its competition in the field. If it can outrun the competition and deliver its products as well as promises, we think that the moonlight has a more than fair chance of a bright future. Also, with the kind of team and even the partnership behind them, we can easily say that moonlight is the future and also has a bright future ahead.


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