Nodis Decentralized Platform: Revolutionizing The Online Marketing Strategies

Online marketing strategies are constantly evolving and changing at a fast pace, and one of the most significant players is understandably the social media influencer. The Nodis online platform, a new blockchain based project, built a whole environment that brings these social media influencers, brand, and all potential customers collectively. Therefore, creating strong connections between all the parties concerns. And besides these connections, everyone who’s involved also takes to enjoy a financial reward, which is apparently the main attraction of such an approach.

NODIS is the newest gamified platform built for online marketing and influencers. This project aspires to help local businesses acquire a better online presence, so targeted customers can notice them and progress their in-store traffic while making themselves stand out from their competitors. NODIS contributes a new way of solving social network problems through the “Challenge Program.”

The NODIS And The Challenge Program

The platform introduced a solution to the mismatches and challenges in the social network market through the “Challenge program.” As explained by the founding team, businesses can post a challenge on the platform for people to join. It can be like “taking a selfie in front of a shop and posting it on social networks”. Once the inquired challenge is submitted for review, platform users can vote if it meets the challenge guidelines.

Companies and brands want to work with social network influencers, regularly to develop their marketing tactics. Influencers give freshness to not-so-fresh brands; in turn, they are constant and manage to have the right audiences. The point that they are people linked to the target client of the promotion concludes that they know how to communicate with their audience. For, by being active in social networks, they have gained reputation and trust among their followers. In short, they accomplish the goal of helping to connect with the user.

The NODIS Token

After the challenge picture is submitted, the approved participants will be compensated NODIS tokens. These are special tokens which can be mainly purchased by GAS token from the NEO blockchain throughout a time-limited two sales phases. Both the approved participants and voters on the majority side will be compensated with NODIS tokens. The platform’s native tokens are intended to be redeemed for vouchers of products or services in Therefore, there will be instances of use and utility. In principle, it is the unity of exchange of the ecosystem from day one, and it is planned to produce new use cases through associations and future partnerships.

Supply Limit

There is a supply limit of 100 million tokens which 20,000,000 are available for the initial sale. Although the amount offered available to investors is low (20%), it is paid by a high percentage in the allocation to users who are members of the platform. 55,000,000 NODIS tokens, which is 55% of the total will be distributed to those who achieve and review the challenges or tasks of the Challenge program. Consequently, a large part will be distributed progressively depending on the activity of the platform and the users. 10% of the distribution will be kept for marketing and other actions that support an active interest in the platform. Nodis utilizes a working test concept in which the tasks will be rewarded in balance to the remaining tokens to be allotted.

The allocation rate will begin at 55 NODIS tokens for each task. 80% of the reward belongs to the Challenger Challenge (44 NODIS tokens). For voters who make the accepted majority (approved), 12% of the shared rate (6.6 NODIS). And therefore completing 100%, 8% will go to the majority that has denied a Challenge submission (4.4 NODIS). As the supply of circulating NODIS chips progress, the emission rate will decrease proportionally to ensure gradual protection of the symbolic value. The calculation of the decrease is [Remaining Tokens to be emitted divided by 1 million] and can, therefore, be expected based on the outstanding reserves.

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