Odyssey (OCN) A Decentralized Sharing Economy Protocol

Odyssey (OCN) is a decentralized peer-to-peer protocol that offers one of the first expressing economy blockchains in the world. Often the protocol is an open source podium that aims at minimizing performing costs, privacy and incentivizing participants on the network.

New statistics from sharing economic system companies such as Airbnb in addition to Uber, show the industry is definitely expected to grow to increase its current value by means of 2021. The US sharing economic system industry currently serves through 44 million individuals in a number of strata and is expected to grow to above 89.5 various million people by 2021. Odyssey foundation is in the brand to revolutionize this marketplace by providing a trust primarily based network on the Ethereum blockchain to lower operation costs and maintain transactions anonymously.

Odyssey Foundation’s mission is to build often the next-generation decentralized sharing economic system through a peer-to-peer ecosystem. ODYSSEY (OCN) is aiming to reduce the actual operating cost associated with the overall economy in a put money to increase and better sector efficiency. This will, in turn, raise the returns on investments in that global sharing ecosystem via an efficient and easily accessible peer-to-peer network.

The platform is built for the Ethereum blockchain with the OCN token being used to run the working platform. The ERC 20 small has had a positive end into the week as the coin finished 60% higher than the start of often the week. The token has been offered to the public on Economy is shown 11th 2018 and has found the price fall after the new February cryptocurrency bloodbath.

What makes Odyssey important?

Currently, the world is obsessed with exclusive ownership of materials, goods, and services. However, this is set to adjust with the massive adoption connected with smartphones, smart devices, cloud hosting services and the internet. This has allowed a fast growth in the need to share services and goods globally as the transaction prices dwindle out. To get a sought-after item or service you only need to have an internet connection and a system. This has made the expressing economy more exciting and inexpensive concerning transaction costs.

Often the sharing economy currently people issues of data security in addition to privacy, a high transaction in addition to operational costs, segmentation of sharing company and

Odyssey platform offers many people a P2P ecosystem area that is distinguished by its one of a kind qualities and distinctive properties. The sharing community is definitely expected to provide a decentralized multilevel that minimizes the in business costs, offers opportunities to generate monies content, improved efficiency with the dissemination of information, and speedier payments on the platform.

The first bike sharing dApp, oBike, which is created on Tron (TRX) blockchain partnered having Odyssey last December. That prompted the outspoken and intensely responsive founder of Tron, Justin Sun to twitter on the partnership enticing people. A month later, Justin tweeted that Eddie Wu, a new co-founder of Alibaba, possessed bought the coin sparking a massive buying spree involving OCN tokens. Two days after, the coin reached their hard cap of some billion, closing the ICO.

Odyssey token (OCN) leaped amazingly by over 30% now to close the week with $0. 012287. This happens as the token’s daily stock trading volumes soared above $40 million for the second time period this week. The coin currently is available on various exchanges. Huobi’s exchange BTC and ETH trading pairs account for around 80% of daily stock trading volume of the OCN expression.

The Odyssey Pilot Software

The Odyssey platform takes on a host to oBike, that can pilot the use of the Odyssey ancient token OCN. This credit history and reward based tool token means that OCN receives to oBike’s circa twelve million users, enhancing intercontinental payments to its motorcyclists across its 17 international locations of operations worldwide.

oBike is a technology-driven sustainable move provider, continuously looking to boost its platforms potential, supplying user experience including their payments solutions. It is in keeping with this goal that oBike is partnering with primary decentralized sharing economy blockchain provider Odyssey (OCN) for you to launch this mobile settlement integration program.

Odyssey (OCN) Partnerships

The leading sharing economy marketplace that is compatible with Odyssey protocol is Obike. It is a station-less bike sharing platform, rendering a hassle-free, more sustainable, healthy, tech-friendly, and economical mode of transport. Established in Singapore in January 2017, oBike is Southeast Asia’s first smart station-less bike- sharing business. In August 2017, oBike achieved one of the most significant fundraisings in Southeast Asia, raising 45 million USD from global leading sharing economy companies.

Where and how to Buy Odyssey (OCN)?

OCN is available at Gate.io, Cobinhood, EtherDelta, Bit-Z, and was listed in KuCoin exchange market on January 24, 2018. It is not possible to purchase most cryptocurrencies with U.S. dollars. Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, and Litecoin can be obtained with U.S. dollars using Coinbase. Once Bitcoin is acquired using Coinbase, the next step is to transfer Bitcoin to an exchange such as Gate.io or Changelly to purchase other cryptocurrencies, including oCoin.


Odyssey mission is to provide users a lower cost and increasingly reliable decentralized financial sharing system, and it is through world-class partners with teams like oBike, who understand the benefits of digital assets and are serious about applying OCN to lower payment charges and times, that the firm can fulfill on this.

Odyssey looks forward to collaborating with oBike during this program. The team apparently believe that the transparency along with accountability of Blockchain engineering will continue to positively appearance world and businesses the same. Odyssey Protocol will carry on and explore further integration chances with other possible partnerships.

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