BCNEX Cryptocurrency Exchange Officially Announces The Coin Voting Event

BCNEX, a newly launched cryptocurrency trading platform, is once again announcing an exciting event for their community and future users to participate. This program is called “The Coin Voting – Round.” This event commences today until September 13, 2019, for the final verdict. The coin or token with the highest garnered voted will be listed […]

Helios Protocol: An Infinitely Scalable Cryptocurrency And Smart Contract Platform

There are many ventured approaches to solving scaling problems such as reducing the interval between blocks, increasing the block size, handling transactions off-chain, using a directed acyclic graph (DAG) architecture, blockchain network sharding, etc. However, most of these solutions can only control on the order of 1000’s of transactions per second. It is a considerable […]

Dynamite Token (DYNMT): Crypto World’s Best-known Deflationary Currency

The conventional cryptocurrencies customarily have a large circulating supply, which makes it hard for its value to grow as the market cap would be unrealistically high. Deflationary cryptocurrencies, on the other hand, typically have a considerable lower initial supply and a percentage of tokens is burned with each transaction. This theory drives to the analysis […]

Nodis Decentralized Platform: Revolutionizing The Online Marketing Strategies

Online marketing strategies are constantly evolving and changing at a fast pace, and one of the most significant players is understandably the social media influencer. The Nodis online platform, a new blockchain based project, built a whole environment that brings these social media influencers, brand, and all potential customers collectively. Therefore, creating strong connections between […]