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The involvement of technology in day to day activity has made life easy and fast. Let it be from waking up in the morning until going to bed at night; technologies surround everything. Even the world of currencies and transactions and using of different services have been taken a revolutionary change with the help of the blockchain technology. Due to advancement in the technology automatically selling and rental of things have gone into a next level.

OkeyDokey is recognized as a blockchain based smart lock system that connects digital payment activities to initiating physical doors. keyDokey’s mission is to drive productivity in cities by presenting easy accessibility and cost-effective way for people to utilize assets. OkeyDokey is blockchain based digital payment transaction connected smart door lock system. In other words, it is a smart lock system that automatically unlocks doors to a guest who has paid and checked via the blockchain network.

OkeyDokey gives value to customers by reducing the complexities and costs associated in both digital and physical operations of the rental process. Their whitepaper will go more in depth about how smart connected door lock system that is integrated with blockchain based digital payment transactions provide more productive ways to administer assets, and open doors to the smarter sharing economy.

Features of OkeyDokey

Here are important features of Okeydokey which will help users to know about the system more precisely.

The Smart Lock System-
The system gets some of the best and the advanced type of lock system which comes with smart contract system followed by the smart locks which will help in getting very difficult access on the lock control operations followed by remotely controlling and manageability. This advanced type of lock system helps in getting the best and secure type of smart lock system so that any kinds of threats can be avoided. This system also helps in the easy access for the users on their account for smooth and easy control of their things.

Share access-
With the aid of this system, users can easily get a lock and unlock system which helps in getting easy access will also get to monitor doors remotely and assist in the share and easy access for all of the desired members. This system helps in getting all kinds of security updates so that it can get an easy and secure way to control things. The constant monitoring system helps to trace about the different types of access by different people. In the coming time, it is said that the system will come up with different types of other updates too.

The Rental system-
The smart rental system is what everyone looks for in this system. This is the main attraction of the system. Here the guests who want for rental can get an easy book and help in getting a direct pay followed by a smart lock which helps in opening of doors so that the accommodations can take place in within a simple app. The system is so advanced that the maximum of the things is set automated for a smooth and easy rental system. Globally many are accepting this system for their rental system which helped them in flourishing.

With the help of the system, many guests have got a good amount of benefits from the system. Let it be any friends, family, deliveryman or housekeepers can get an easy access on this system once they pay and if the system verifies them the access gets grated easily on the home without the need to meet the owner of the house. The access of the system is verified by the blockchain system which then provides with the access to the home. This smart technology saves time and energy and also provides with an extra security feature to maintain safe access to the home.

For the house owners-
The system was most beneficial for the house owners as they can easily monitor and get a remote control manager for the management of the system. With the system, the owner of the house can easily monetize their house followed by receiving the rental type of booking and different types of payment methods. This system is safe and works with all kinds of the payment currency system. There are thousands of people across the globe who are using this system which is managing them to keep a safe look at their house and managing the rental business safely.

Easy transaction system-
With the help of the blockchain system, the transaction gets very easy and helps in receiving or delivering of money easily. The system is fast smooth and secure and works very easily. With some of the best in the update system, the transaction process gets very easy and handy. In some recent time, there will such updates where the transaction system will get smoother and safer to handle with making the system easy to get in work with.

okeydokey icoToken Information

1ETH=20,000 OKEY.
Total softcap=15,000 ETH.
Total hardcap=30,000 ETH.
Token Type=ERC20.

Here are some of the important information on the token system which will help the users to know how the system is and how it runs. Looking at its future, there is a huge chance the rating of the system will go much high then the present value making it stronger.


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