ONG Token is now listed on the Qryptos Exchange is happy to announce that they listed the ONG Token on the QRYPTOS exchange last January 24, 2018.

The parent company of the QRYPTOS currency exchange is Quoine. It is the first global cryptocurrency firm in the world that became officially licensed by the Japan Financial Services Agency. QRYPTOS is featuring full KYC/AML compliance, and state-of-the-art security that can provide a secure haven for people who trade cryptocurrency.

Here is a beautiful exchange that offers ONG Token holders one of the most secure, advanced and safest platforms in the world. It was the perfect timing for the release of the new version of the decentralized social hub that has cryptocurrency rewards that will also allow the ONG token holders the ability to use it on the network. According to the CVO of, Adrian Rosenbusch, their upcoming platform will allow the ONG to interact with two other internal network assets like G-bucks for advertising and G-Fuel for voting and influence.

The Quoine has an exciting future on the cryptocurrency landscape. They sum it up quite eloquently with their following statement.

According to Quoine, they believe in a world where everyone has access to the best financial services. It should not be only for the privileged few. The way to achieve this is through cryptocurrency, and their mission is to provide the necessary services and products for the crypto world to turn into the new mainstream. The future of finance should become distributed. The democratization of finance just started. The power is in the hands of everyone, and the crypto economy is here.

According to the CEO and Founder of onG.Social, Christopher Kramer, they are humbled to see the support from a leading exchange platform. That is a clear demonstration that the fiercely competitive industry is aware of the importance of encryption, privacy, attention and rewarding content through the blockchain. They are now confident that the support of ONG, QRYPTOS and their partners can drive revolutionary innovation in the space of social media.

As we move into the year 2018, onG.Social is looking forward to achieving more with each other in the QRYPTOS exchange.

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