The Patron Blockchain may Capture the Global Influencer Market

The Japan-based blockchain platform for influencer marketing is Patron. It officially launched it pre-TGE last February 14, 2018. It will include a 50% bonus on every contribution, and it will run through the 28th of February, 2018. They capped the pre-TGE at $20 million and led into the public TGE on March 1, 2018.

Through the use of the blockchain technology, Patron will connect the brands with influencers in a far, secure and safe mobile platform. As of the moment, the influencers, including the local ones are a disadvantage with getting discovered initially and the sponsored negotiations. Even if it is accessible on social media platforms, it is usually the top influencers that they hire and find for the paid projects. Patron is aiming to solve this through both their technology and experience.

The platform will include both the mobile and web application. They may have released the web app by this time. As of the moment, Patron is running the global TGE so they can attract crowdfunding support. The sale included three rounds of TGE coverage as well as a pre-sale.

According to Atsushi Hisatsumi, the Founder, and CEO, influencers have the power to change the world because of their expression, art, and creativity. The brand was able to notice this, and they are increasingly adding influencer budgets in their marketing campaigns. It was able to create a situation of demand and supply that is now in fragments in the global market. They want to bring all of the actions in the Patron platform so the process will become secure and transparent.

The first exchange that will list Patron tokens after the TGE is HitBTC. It will provide immediate liquidity for the tokens as well as create a marketplace where people can trade them. The Patron team will go to the United States and get interviewed by the Nasdaq and Small Cap Nation in Times Square. The advisory board of Patron included David Cohen, Hashgraph’s advisor and Keith Teare, TechCrunch’s former co-founder. The company also announced that they will become partners with KICKICO which is a fundraising platform.


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