Phantasma SOUL is Now Officially Added on KuCoin Exchange!

SOUL token is now officially listed on KuCoin. The token is now trading on the platform which supports exchange pairs including SOUL/BTC, SOUL/ETH and SOUL/NEO.

Phantasma (SOUL) Gets Listed On KuCoin!

Phantasma (SOUL) Deposits Effective Immediately

Phantasma (SOUL) Withdrawal: 20:00 June 8, 2018 (UTC+8)
Phantasma (SOUL) Buying order: 21:30 June 8, 2018 (UTC+8)
Phantasma (SOUL) Selling order: 22:00 June 8, 2018 (UTC+8)

About Phantasma Protocol

The growth of different smart contract blockchain networks opens big opportunities for the massive and new variety of services. The leading model of Cloud can now be completely defied as lots of systems are progressively competitive. Yet, the ecosystem still lacks on some qualities which blocks the real progress of decentralized system. One of those is the service for a customized connection and data sharing. To resolve this issue, Phantasma was formed.

Phantasma offers a safe and unified data sharing, integration and management. It aims to provide an adaptable and new kind of framework that will safely manage data from dApps. It will increase the developers’ productivity, extend its strengths and enhance the whole NEO ecosystem.

SOUL: The Phantasma Network Token

As a NEP-5 token, SOUL will support distribution pool which is very relevant to the reward claiming functionality of Proof-of-Retrievability section layer.

The network launched Phantasma ICO on May 27 this year. There are lots of published Phantasma ICO reviews on the web and most of them are high-rated with normal risk. The total token supply is 100 000 000 SOUL. There are still 65 000 000 SOUL available for sale of which one-third are bonus tokens and if unclaimed, will be burned.

Roadmap and Developmental Plan

The development of the platform is divided into different phases. This roadmap is a summary of the past, present and future progress plans of Phantasma. It shows how the platform broadens and expands itself to attain the complete objective of decentralized connection.

2017 Third Quarter– Design and Proposal of Phantasma were released.

2017 Fourth Quarter– Phantasma participated on City of Zion competition where the network won as one of the major winners.

2018 First Quarter– PhantasmaMail application was shown in NEO Devcon. Phantasma protocol was with it also.

2018 Second Quarter– SOUL token sale happened last May 27-28.

2018 Third Quarter– Phantasma SDK will be released. It will allow third party developers to build products based on Phantasma.

2018 Fourth Quarter– Relay Nodes let apps break free from speed limitationson blockchain transactions. Plantasma will move from NEO network to own blockchain by NEOX protocol.

2019 First Quarter– Phantasma storage nodes will be introduced allowing any user to join the network. Main net will be released as well.

2019 Second Quarter– An app for Digital Commerce will be rolled out to the public.

2019 Third Quarter– Service for discovering dApps will be made.

2019 Last Quarter– A video streaming for Phantasma is expected to release to show dApp with large data loads.

About KuCoin

It is a cryptocurrency exchange that gives 50% of everyday exchange fees to their KCS holders. It continually adds different crypto coins and tokens to achieve its target quantity of listed cryptocurrencies this year.

KuCoin is called as “People Exchange” and is one of the most promising trading sites in the world.


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