PikcioChain – A Secure Personal Data Chain

The most valuable resource was oil a century ago. In the last decade, a profitable new commodity has generated, and that is Data. The world’s largest companies collect, exchange and trade corporate, consumer and metadata. Without the efficient regulation of these data companies such as Alphabet, Amazon, Apple, and Facebook wouldn’t have been capable to collectively reach $25 billion in net profit in the first quarter of 2017.

Due to the considerable value customer data represents for companies, a large amount of money is allocated each year securing data. The general difficulty is that centrally stored data is building a monstrous honeypot for hackers to obtain access to and steal it. User data is saved in centralized systems, leaving the data at risk and the individual at the mercy of corporations and hackers. In order to resolve this data dilemma, PikcioChain has created its own proprietary blockchain solution.

Data Chain Solution

PikcioChain is a platform that specializes in collecting, exchanging and certificating data. Its purpose is to let users exchange data services with complete security utilizing cryptocurrency. 

PikcioChain’s one key feature is that the data is collected and transferred to a peer to peer system, not on the open blockchain. Existing solutions store the information on public blockchains. It generates several issues. One of these problems is that it makes it difficult for the owners of data to remove specific data entirely. Another problem is that this does not comply with GDPR as the data is on a public chain. PikcioChain only stores the hashes and validation of the data on the established, private, permission-based blockchain. This resolves all these regulative issues, allowing for the mass adoption of the system. The primary idea is that the original owners of specific data can ascertain if only they should be storing the data, or if particular trusted nodes can store a copy as well.

PikcioChain lets businesses trade and exchange personal data in total security and with trust, while concurrently enabling individuals by providing them direction of their data and letting them to monetize it

PikcioChain Products

The PikcioChain platform will be accessed within four products. These products have been created with the intent of implementing the best possible interface and experience for the particular end user.

Products and user group:

  • PikcioMe: For the individual users (suppliers of data)
  • PikcioPro: For the businesses (consumers of data)
  • PikcioLab: For the developers (designers of smart contracts)
  • PikcioTokenSaleWallet: For cryptocurrency enthusiasts (participants in token sales)


PikcioMe is a personal application that the individual user installs on his or her device such as a laptop and smartphone. Every PikcioMe application operates as the server for its enrolled user and, if authorization is granted, can serve as a trusted server for other users as well. It is this decentralized server infrastructure that places individuals in power of their data, and as there is no centralized 3rd party data storage, PikcioMe gives users a secured data storage solution.

The PikcioMe application will also allow the user access to the PikcioChain platform. Through this platform, the user will be capable of trading and certify his or her data. Data exchange will be end-to-end encrypted while the encryption key is produced on the user’s device by the PikcioMe application, causing the data exchange secure.


Whereas the individual user will use PikcioMe, companies will use PikcioPro to obtain access to the PikcioChain platform. By utilizing smart contracts, businesses can buy and sell certification data with the permission of the individual data owner. PikcioPro is a premium service which grants access to the Pikcio data exchange. User certification data for KYC and other regulative purposes can be exchanged utilizing the PKC Token as a method of payment.

PikcioPro offers a safe and confidential way of data exchange, knowing that smart contracts are supporting the demands and restraints of the individual data owner. By using PikcioPro to buy or sell certification data, businesses eliminate much of the risk connected with holding, buying, selling and exchanging personal data itself.


The PikcioChain platform gives data exchange between individual users and companies by the PikcioMe and PikcioPro products. These activities will be utilizing smart contracts, creating a secure and confidential manner of data exchange. PikcioLab is the product for smart contract developers. A tool for developers to develop smart contracts operating on the PikcioChain distributed ledger, generating a range of opportunities for both the individual user and companies linked to Pikcio.

PikcioTokenSaleWallet (TSW)

With the assistance of Onchain, PikcioChain is currently concluding a user-friendly wallet to participate in upcoming token sales easily.

The PKC token represents a special role in each of the PikcioChain products and use cases. By easily paying a set amount of PKC, or simply maintaining certain levels of PKC, users obtain access to advanced features on the platform. For the TokenSaleWallet it adds the following features and excellent benefits to its users.

How Does PikcioChain Work?

A user can utilize PikcioMe to track their own data. They must download and install an app, and it works as a server that employs their information. The service ensures a reliable way to accumulate data about users activities and a productive system to sell it or validate it later.

This way, PikcioChain intends to be a service that not only saves the data but also operates as a marketplace for it. To exchange their data and use the services authorized by PikcioChain, a user has to have a Pikcio Wallet.

PikcioChain is available to users for free (companies have to pay), but other services can be purchased with PKC tokens. It’s also essential to perceive that while the ICO will occur in the future, PikcioMe already exists and can be utilized as for the moment.

Investing in PikcioChain

To invest in PikcioChain, users have to buy their tokens, PKC. It’s essential to note that PKC is neither a share in the company nor a cryptocurrency, so be informed of this before purchasing tokens. The sale will begin on November 24, but users can buy PKC tokens right now during the Pre-ICO.

Users can utilize BTC, ETH or fiat currency to buy PKC tokens. With 1 BTC you can buy 5000 PKC tokens.

Token Utility

  1.  The PikcioChain token implies a particular part in each of the PikcioChain product and utilizes cases: Data makers are raised with PKC tokens keeping in mind the end goal to restore and share their information with companies.
  2.  By paying a specific amount or by holding a set value of PKC, users obtained access includes on the platform. For the TokenSaleWallet, PKC consists of a few application and excellent advantages to its clients.

These are:

  •    Access to restrictive token deals or levels
  •    Access to higher extra levels
  •    Guaranteed portions for picked token deals
  •    Higher portions for picked token deals
  •    “Automated cooperation” include empowered for picked token deals
  •    Participate in voting rounds to choose which future token deals to add to the stage
  1.  The PKC tokens will be utilized to run smart contracts on the PikcioChain Distributed Ledger. PikcioChain enables outsiders to build up their particular DApps over the Distributed Ledger. Each DApp based over PikcioChain is permitted to have their specific local token. The Dapp would then be able to pursue keen contracts just paying a charge in PKC.

PikcioChain Core Team

Didier Collin de Casaubon, Dr. Jorick Lartigau Ph.D., Fabien Bucamp, and, founded Pikcio AG, the company which owns and build the Pikcio network. The team is comprised of several skilled individuals on different fields.

Founder, CEO

After a post-graduate in Philosophy, a Master in Mathematics and an MBA, Didier balanced between working in the banking market for over 15 years and being an entrepreneur in the software industry.

Co-Founder, CTO

Fabien is accountable for the monitoring and administration of software and hardware development operation. He served at the French Department of Defense as Team Manager in charge of the Network Security.

Co-Founder, Research

Jorick heads the research, producing new features to MatchUpBox resolutions. He earned a Ph.D. in Computer Science in 2015 which advances him a Specialist in Data Security and Big Data algorithms.


Delphine with her Master in Business Management also has a multisector experience in particular in innovative companies. She administers with procedures and assists Matchupbox in optimizing its organizational, HR and financial processes.


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