PURE, Enabling Instant Transactions To Anyone Around The World

What is Pure (Pure)?

Nowadays it has become more popular to send money through cryptocurrency, it enables users to conduct transactions with the help of blockchain technology. And many more of the cryptocurrencies are focusing on solving the cross-border payment problem. Pure (Pure) is one of them which uses peer to peer open source decentralized cryptocurrency that enables you to transact instantly everywhere and anyone around the world. Pure blockchain supports masternodes and totally anonymous payments.

Pure aims to provide the decentralized solutions for the blockchains with fresh ideas and vision. Its feature includes instant payment with the integration of InstantSend. Transactions on the Pure are protected by X11 POS network which keeps users information secure during the transaction. Pure uses something called DarkSend which lets you process your transactions with complete anonymity no one can know the identity of the sender. By utilizing the masternodes concept within the network, it operates as proof of work and proof of state hybrid. And after completion of the 30,000th block Pure network will be only the proof of state system.

And the thing that makes Pure an affordable choice than others is that it only needs 2500 PURE to run a master node. Masternodes works as a securing parameter within the network as the Pure network provides users with many other Functions such as InstantSend and DarkSend. By using these services users can process their transactions almost instantly and with a promise of anonymity.

How it Works

Their motto is to purify the blockchain hence the name and fill it with fresh ideas and fresh vision that will operate the coin to truly decentralized usage and for the better future of the blockchain industry. It is a peer to peer decentralized cryptocurrency. It is used to transact almost instantly to anyone in the world.

It processes the transactions almost instantly and credit goes to InstantSend integration that they have developed for Pure.  This approach of Instant send provides the users much flexibility and timely delivery. The Pure network is secured with the use of X11 POS network. X11 POS network shields the transactions from any unauthorized interruption.

DarkSend is an interesting feature in the Pure as it will allow users to complete the transaction with anonymity. And any of these transactions cannot be seen or detected.

Masternodes are responsible for maintaining the integrity of the network and it also support the InstantSend and DarkSend so with this at the helm of Pure users can expect a smooth and simple process for the transactions. They also have a wallet to store PURE which is available for the Windows, MAC, and Linux. It is not available for Android or iOS and they have not updated when it will be available for mobile platforms.

Pure Reward

There are 65% block rewards for the pure coin holders. Because of this offer, they will be able to pull some new users. Users of pure will receive a 65% reward for holding the coins that help in maintaining the network. This is a masternodes concept to keep the integrity of the network and support their other features. And the rewards for the users are in this format Masternode collateral is 5000 PURE, Masternode reward is 100 PURE and block Reward is 120 PURE.

The Team at Pure

Pure team chose to remain anonymous. They have not listed any details of their team on their website which is a bit weird for them as many people start to question their genuineness. Word on the market is that they were in it to make money not to offer any solution. They need to list their team profiles on their website so people start trusting them. But their social media is constantly updated.

Exchanges for Pure Coin

There are not many exchanges that list Pure in fact there are only three exchanges that list Pure for buying and selling. You need to sign up for these exchanges to start trading. Pure coin exchanges are listed below.

List of the Pure coin exchange

  • Cryptobridge
  • Coinexchange
  • CoinsMarkets

These are the exchanges that trade Pure coin. There are only 3 exchanges because of the fairly new coin and it is mineable for first 30000 blocks on the network and then eventually it will become a complete proof of state system.

Price analysis

The Pure coin is currently trading at $0.28 USD and the trading volume for last 24 hours is $48K USD. Around 13 million PURE tokens are in circulation with total supply being around 14.5 million. Its price has been trading negative blows for the past month or so. It has seen around 12% fall in last 24 hours which is not good for PURE coin.

The market cap of the PURE coin is around at $3.8 million USD and it has been dropping in the past 24 hours. They need to bring more transparency in their business practices. Maximum token supply of PURE is 20 million.

Now looking at the trends if we have to predict the price of the PURE coin we can say it will gain this year again and will trade around at 10-12 USD in a year’s time. But it will be a difficult task for the team of the PURE coin as they have to make many partnerships in order to make this possible. In the cryptocurrency market it very important to make partnerships with other enterprises to stay ahead of the development. We will see how it goes in the coming year.

Road Map to the Future

As updated on their website they have planned phase 1 of development of their Puredex platform in this month. Their wallet will be updated with this also.

Q2 is set for the release of puredex.io and launch the project. The new feature will include atomic swaps and a brand new Pure platform for its users. their roadmap includes only these information and for Q3 and Q4 they have not yet updated their community as to what will be done later this year.

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