Qravity: Decentralized Entertainment Production And Distribution Platform

Qravity is a decentralized content creation and delivery platform where initiators possess and gain profit from accomplished tasks. Qravity offers a vacuum for inventive thinkers to cooperatively advance original monetizable digital content, comprising of, music, movies, games, e-books, and applications. Qravity makes use of virtual tokens on the Ethereum blockchain to pathway digital content formation, dispense venture stakes in the middle of inventive crew associates, and take along Qravity-produced content unswervingly to the marketplace. Qravity enhances cooperation and wipes out obstacles as creators and designers comprehend, advance, and dispense distinctive content that consumers yearn for.

How Qravity Works

The Qravity platform is a devolved digital content enlargement and dissemination platform with integrated project managing implements, comprising of asset invention and endorsement, file transfer, and messaging for unrestricted and crew communication. Associates of the project make use of these implements concerning their roles. Upon venture accomplishment, Qravity conveys the content to market, making it usable via its platform, trading rights to suppliers, and vending unswervingly through third-party digital marketplaces, e.g., app stores and streaming services. The application of blockchain technology makes certain that every single involvement that a content initiator makes to a project is indisputable. Moreover Qravity recompense inventors with stakes of project proprietorship for each involvement; on every occasion, an inventor bring to an end a particular task, they obtain the amount of Qravity Project Tokens that the development founder has allocated to that task. These Quality Project Tokens are trailed and produced within Ethereum smart contracts, making them exclusive to particular projects and virtually resistant to counterfeit or deceit.

Irrespective of the magnitude or convolution of the tasks, the further tasks an inventor bring to an end, the more QPT they receive, and the grander their portion of project ownership. Inventors collect disbursement in Qravity QCO, the platform’s coinage, which is tradable on exchanges. The amount of QCO they take delivery of tallies to the amount of QPT they netted for their work.


The platform makes use of tokes denoted as QCO for all financial dealings. Any person can purchase these tokens with ETH in the course of the Qravity token sale. After the sale, QCO will be open to third-party relations.

Qravity Project Tokens are particular tokens that trail project proprietorship; they signify shares in a project QPT are for core use only and cannot be bought.

QPT is produced and given to content inventors in an altercation for the labor they accomplish for a project. A content inventor can accomplish tasks for, and therefore take delivery of QPT from, manifold projects. Every single time an end user or distributor purchases content on the Qravity platform, inventors obtain a percentage of the payment in QCO grounded on the expanse of QPT they received for their involvement to the content’s invention. The extra tasks they accomplished for a particular project, the more QPT they receive for their exertion on that project

Smart Contracts

Qravity smart contracts comprise more than a few mechanisms, with QCO, QPT, and account, project, and task data. So as to recurrently progress the platform via upgrades and feature accompaniments, the smart contracts need be partly upgradable. To uphold the genuineness of the token, the QCO token won’t be upgradeable.

Smart contracts necessitate modifications to be made to archetypal software development carry outs, e.g., recording revisions and bug fixes. Qravity makes use of a precise coding configuration to permit for Ethereum smart contract changes and upgrades. These permit for references to be prepared to firsthand smart contract addresses. For the relations amongst tokens, projects, copyrights, and account addresses, there requires to be a prevailing platform contract that controls the several flows of QCO and QPT. When a customer pays QCO to fob watch a film, the account address they directed the QCO from is established as an address with authorization to access that movie. The platform leads the QCO to the venture, and then dispenses it to the addresses of that project’s QPT receptacles; the expanse of QCO acquired is based on the sum of QPT apprehended.

As the platform turns out to be more multifarious and make known to new functionalities, e.g., Exchanging QCO and vending QCO to the platform, the Qravity contract will necessitate supplementary involvedness to make certain the platform’s steadiness is not compromised. The upgradable mechanisms of the contracts will be constrained to venture edifice, errands, and functionality, and the formation of new accounts.

Smart Tasks

Errands in the interior the smart contract will be instantiated using a configuration to grasp the tasks of that venture. The edifice will be detained in plotting that categorizes tasks by name or number. This task edifice will be a portion of the project contract that trails the QPT received by all and sundry, along with the aggregate expanse of QPT for the complete venture. Project managers will be capable of assigning, editing and adding tasks; these roles will be limited to the project initiator, chosen project administrators, and the platform superintendent. Toting firsthand tasks to the venture and assigning a crew associate to a task will be the project initiator’s obligation.

Team Members

• Reinhard David – Brandstaetter CEO and Founder
Christian Sascha – Dennstedt CFO and Co-Founder
• Christopher Barber – Economy Consultant and Blockchain advisor


Qravity guarantees absolute equitability and symmetry amid all project associates, expediting an accurately digitized work economy at liberty of wariness and unaccustomedness. By delivering an environment where achievement is determined exclusively by visualization, commitment, and talent, Qravity upsurges the odds of lucrative project accomplishment.

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