Raiden Network: An off-chain solution to Ethereum’s lack of scalability

raiden network

Raiden Network (RDN) is a blockchain technology service with an off-chain scaling solution which offers nearly instant, low transaction fee, and secure payments. It is complementary to the Ethereum (ETH) blockchain and works with any ERC 20compliant tokens.

Since all the transactions made on the Raiden Network happens off-chain (outside the blockchain technology), they will not require expensive, supplyheavy, and slow processing time reaching the consensus for confirmation. Payments can be made in an instant, and the funds are available for just a matter of minutes (once the upcoming available payment channel is confirmed by the blockchain). The participating parties of the transaction will digitally sign a payment to validate and verify a smart contract on the blockchain.

This network was made to eradicate network congestion and slow transaction processing time just like what the ETH users are currently facing. This cryptocurrency network was established with the following concepts:

  • Fast transaction processing time and confirmation of global payments
  • Scalable blockchain technology
  • Comprehensive implementation of digital assets and cryptocurrency transactions

The Raiden Network (RDN) is currently at the stage where µRaiden or Micro Raiden Network (µRDN) is utilized in stand-alone, private enterprise distributions. This micro network enables quick point-to-point (p2p) micropayments for pay-per-use websites (take note that RDN and µRaiden are different networks).

Fun fact: Did you know that a core developer of Ethereum blockchain founded Raiden Network? The founder saw the flaws of the blockchain network. Thus, he created his off-chain!

The Special Features of Raiden Network (RDN)

special feature rdn

The Raiden Network (RDN) is dubbed as Ethereum’s (ETH) “Lightning Network” since it has addressed the slow processes of the said network.

Without further ado, here are the unique features that the Raiden Network (RDN) enables:

  • Low transaction fees – this special feature also allows users to have multiple transactions to take place off – chain.
  • Bidirectional payment channel – this allows RDN token transactions to go back and forth without the hassle.
  • Multi – hop hash – locked transfers – this allows RDN tokens to go through numerous nodes (not only through a single node) while being secured with a “secret key”.
  • Secret key – a secret key keeps a RDN token secure as it goes through nodes. This key is only provided by the sender so that the receiver can claim it on – chain.
  • Payment channels – this special feature works by having fixed payment routes where transactions are assured to be verified instantaneously.
  • Balance proof – this feature is a method where a payment channel exists once an on – chain deposit takes place. It serves as an insurance policy for transferred funds.
  • Payment channels which allow off – chain transactions – this special feature guarantee users to have secured transactions. With its cryptographic proof and smart contract/s, each transaction can be securely completed.
  • 100% private transactions – all transactions made in the Raiden Network (RDN) are 100% untraceable on the public ledger.
  • Expedited transfer confirmation – the Raiden Network verifies and confirms each and every transaction for less than a second!
  • Atomic swap – this special feature enables all ERC-20 compatible tokens to be interchangeable. Meaning to say, users can instantly swap for other ERC-20 compatible tokens without a 3rd party and with low transaction fees.
  • Interoperable cryptocurrency – RDN token is interoperable between all ERC – 20 compliant tokens.
  • Micropayments capability

What is a Raiden Network Token (RDN)?

rdn token

Even though the Raiden Network (RDN) is not a cryptocurrency but rather, an ecosystem, Raiden Network Token is an ERC-20 compatible which was made to be the means of exchange on the platform and to fund the network.

The Raiden Network Token is the corresponding cryptocurrency of the Raiden Network (RDN). Each of which is the off-chain solution to Ethereum’s (ETH) shortage of scalability and transaction processing duration.

What is the Potential Price of Raiden Network Tokens (RDN)?

For the time being, about 100 million RDN exist, approximately 50 million RDN are currently in circulation, 50% are held for public auction, 34% are held by Brainbot Labs Est., while the 16% remainder is stored for the external development fund.

Statistics suggest that compared to other cryptocurrencies, the RDN tokens has had a stable increase in the past years, this factor will have a significant impact on the investors that this network is for long-term hold rather than a one day millionaire.

In line with this, below is the table that details out the RDN token info as well as its potential price for 2018:

RDN Token InformationPrice Predictions
Total Coin Supply100,000 RDN
Total Target Market Capitalization$8,500,000,000 USD
Total CompetitorsTruebit and Ethereum Upgrades Only
Total Expected Market Share<70%
Price Target$62 USD
Potential Price Increase1300%
Potential Market Capitalization6.2 billion USD


RDN Token InformationDetails
Token CodeRDN
Token TypeERC 20
Token Price$0.74 USD/ 0.0016794828 ETH/ 0.001269 BTC
Current ICO Price$0.67 USD (0.00219060 ETH)
ICO Profit1.12x USD/ 0.77x ETH/ 1.23x BTC
Token for Sale55,000,000 MTL
Total Tokens Raised$1,945,000 USD
RDN Fundraising Goal$33,400,000 USD (109,532 ETH)
Trade StartNovember 8, 2017
CMC Rank#174


Raiden Network Token (RDN) InformationStatistics
Market Capitalization$37,427,782 USD/ 6,364 BTC/ 84, 812 ETH
Hard Capitalization90,779,226 ETH (2.77 billion)
Percentage of Tokens Distributed to Crowdsale50
Trading Volume (24 Hours)$1,029,460 USD/ 175.04 BTC/ 2,333 ETH
Trading Volume (24 Hour Low/ 24 Hour High)$0.743428 USD/ $0.800192 USD
All Time High$8.65 USD
Since All Time High-91%
All Time High Date01-09-2018 (6 months)
Daily Percentage-2.42%
Weekly Percentage-17%
Monthly Percentage-45.2%
Circulating Supply50,168,936 RDN
Total Supply100,000,000 RDN


Raiden Network (RDN) Financial InformationDetails
AcceptingEthereum (ETH)
Raised$33,407,260 USD

List of Raiden Network Token (RDN) Trading Exchange Sites

The RDN token can be traded at numerous exchange sites including Binance (however you are required to buy Ethereum first from your selected exchange site such as Coinbase). Once you have finally established the right account, you can use any ERC-20 compatible wallet.

Without further ado, enlisted below are the legitimate sites that honor RDN tokens to get you started:

RDN EXCHANGE SITESPRICETRADING PAIRS$0.752613 USD/ 0.00012768 BTC/ 0.00169154 ETHRDN/BTC; RDN/ETH$0.755678 USD/ 0.0001282 BTC/ 0.0017009 ETH/ 0.05307 BNBRDN/BTC; RDN/ETH; RDN/BNB$0.739214 USD/ 0.0016637 ETH/ 6.8223 LA/ 0 BTC/ 0 USDTRDN/ETH; RDN/LA; RDN/BTC; RDN/USDT$0.753990 USD/ 0.751 USDT/ 0.001686 ETHRDN/USDT; RDN/ETH$0.755990 USD/ 0.00012732 BTC/ 0.00171131 ETH/ 0.754 USDTRDN/BTC; RDN/ETH; RDN/USDT
Ethfinex0.0016604 ETH/ 0.00012417 BTC/ $0.7047 USDRDN/ETH; RDN/BTC; RDN/USD$0.751952 USD/ 0.00012664 BTC/ 0.00169401 ETHRDN/BTC; RDN/ETH
KuCoin.com0.00012313 BTC/ 0.0016109 ETHRDN/BTC; RDN/ETH
Idex.market0.0016 ETHRDN/ETH
Forkdelta.github.io0.001935652359 ETHRDN/ETH
Kkex.com0.0002 BTCRDN/BTC
Kyber.network0.0016887627917855 ETHRDN/ETH
Ddex.io0.0046592 ETHRDN/ETH
Bilaxy.com0.01811 ETHRDN/ETH
Radarrelay.com408.730483119 WETHRDN/WETH

IMPORTANT: Please bear in mind that you have to use only the mentioned sites below as a lot of exchanges steal personal information and even your digital assets!

How to Buy RDN Tokens?

In this guide, we will teach you the most straightforward way on how to buy RDN tokens. Just follow the steps below:

  1. First, create an account on Coinbase or on Bitstamp (you will receive a confirmation email once you are done with the registration, click the link to verify your account).
  2. Once your account is verified, you can now buy Ethereum (ETH) via local bank transfer or credit card.
  3. Deposit the tokens on your selected exchange site.
  4. Once you received the tokens, follow the steps on your selected exchange then start trading.

Where to Store RDN Tokens?

Since RDN tokens are ERC-20 compatible, users can store it on a hardware wallet that honors the Ethereum (ETH) blockchain. With that being said, users can also save it on MyEtherWallet (MEW).

Raiden Network (RDN) ICO Profile Information

The ICO abbreviation stands for “Initial Coin Offering.” This refers to the unfettered means where funds are raised for new cryptocurrency and digital asset endeavors. This offering is usually utilized by pioneering businesses who want to avoid the demanding and regulated processes of capital-raising that are required by financial institutions and venture capitalists.

With that being said, below is the table about the complete ICO information of Raiden Network (RDN):

Complete Metrics ScoreTotal of 54%
Major Exchanges Trading Activity40% Liquidity
Source Code Repository Activity84% Developer
Social Media and Discussion Board35% of the Community


Raiden Network (RDN)The network which supports the 3 networks made by Brainbot Labs Est.
Micro Raiden (µRaiden)The mini network which enables one recipient to send payments to numerous senders
Raidos version 2.0A proposed side chain technology which simplifies state channels
RaidexA part of the Raiden Network, it is a work in progress cryptocurrency exchange built on its technology


Start/End Date1/1


Number of Members2/2
LinkedIn Profiles0/1
Members’ Roles1/1




Reddit Subscribers4,311
Average Users Online1,000
Average New Hot Posts Per Hour0.1
Average New Comments on Hot Posts Per Hour0.4
Twitter Followers23,604
Facebook0 Likes


Genesis DateOctober 18, 2017
Hashing Algorithm
Hash RateN/A
Block TimeMinutes
Available Supply50.2 million RDN
Total Supply100 million RDN


WhitelistYes (however, period is not yet set)
Know your Customer (KYC)Yes (however, period is not yet set)
Bonus/es for the firstNo
RDN Token Issue1 week after the end of ICO


DescriptionVery short/long
MilestonesVery few
ICO WhitepaperIncomplete
Social MediaBitcoinTalk and Reddit links are missing

The Team behind Raiden Network (RDN)

Brainbot Labs Est created the Raiden Network (RDN). Brainbot Technologies AG – a software company focusing on the blockchain protocol development studio – Heiko Hees officially founded it in the year 2000.

Heiko Hees is the founder and chief executive officer, Hees is a German national who graduated in Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz.

The Raiden Network consists of up to 50 employees in physical offices in Berlin, Copenhagen, and Mainz (Unfortunately, identities and information about the core team members are not provided).

The Raiden Network (RDN) Road Plan

rdn roadmap

The Raiden Network (RDN) road plan is a work in progress (and it will always be to give an excellent user-experience), the core team’s goal is to explore what the state channel technology can do, outline protocols, and improve reference operations.

The core team did not provide a clear road plan (which is one of the factors that made this network admirable to users). While it is a typical expression to appreciate cryptocurrency networks that publish development milestones, outline a road plan, and solve various problems on their platform. Some users found a valid reason why you should not be afraid of investing on a platform without a detailed road plan.

What sets the Raiden Network (RDN) apart, is the excitement it brings to the users that no one will know when the core team will launch a new unique feature, etc.

The Raiden Network (RDN) Project

Raiden Network (RDN) describes itself as a much – anticipated blockchain core infrastructure project. Since the founder is a former core developer of Ethereum (ETH), its primary goal is to scale up the capacities of the said cryptocurrency to upkeep with the significant adoption.

Unfortunately, there are no information and updates regarding the upcoming projects of the said network even on their official social media accounts.
With the lack (or absence) of information about the upcoming projects of RDN, users only hold on to high speculations about this off – chain network.

To conclude, the Raiden Network (RDN) runs on the Ethereum (ETH) blockchain and does not (in any way) intend to replace or compete with the said cryptocurrency. RDN is dubbed as Ethereum’s “Lightning Network.”

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