All Relevant Details Regarding Revain ICO

The financial market has now a more massive and improved fundraising project known as Initial Coin Offerings intended for business start-ups. This ICO is appealing to any traders because it provides a substantial degree of unpredictability as the market appears with an ideal asset price.

Generally, all early business investors are very determined on purchasing crypto coins with the hope that what they invested will become profitable soon after it releases. They are confident that its value will increase compared to its initial price (when the project hasn’t begun). One of the successfully conducted ICO projects is Revain which has R as its token. The Revain ICO started on August 21, 2017, and ended on September 04, 2017.

It accepted cryptocurrencies like BTC, ETH, LTC, DASH, XMR and ZEC with a Revain ICO price of 0.0517 USD. It has raised a total of $12,513,346 funds which is allotted for increasing market efforts. This will help bring more new users and businesses into the platform. It is also used in doing R&D activities, in hiring new people and in focusing on infrastructure or indirect expenses.

Revain started a bull run on the last week of January and had reached USD 3.49 on February 14, 2018, as its peak value. As of this writing, Revain coin price is USD 0.531820 with a market capitalization of USD 98,887,114.

What is Revain?

It is the latest review platform located in Moscow, Russia and is mainly in line with the blockchain technology which does not allow any changes on written feedbacks and its creators receive a reward for producing it!

Revain Dashboard has a custom-made algorithm which ranks cryptocurrencies based on customer’s views and project’s popularity. The rankings may change any time depending on the written reviews of users who actively participated on the platform. Good reviews and high ratings help companies achieve their desired goals. Users, by providing high-quality reviews will earn RVN token as an appreciation reward.

No third party is needed to work on verification processes. There are two verification stages. First is machine moderation performed by artificial intelligence and the other one is manual moderation done by the concerned company. Reviews will move on to the Review Automatic Filtering or RAF which is a machine learning and neutral network dependent.

With the integration of Revain to IBM Watson platform, Tone Analyzer Services can automatically identify all kinds of emotional content. A review is considered as unconstructive if it contains at least three emotional factors, great sadness, high anger and great disgust.

Right after RAF, the company will manually separate accepted from neglected feedbacks. If rejected, the company must compose a response comment which will be shown together with the review. It will promptly solve the matter.

Upon passing the manual filtration, a portion of the review will be saved on Ethereum Blockchain guaranteeing it has not been modified. It is collected through a particular kind of smart contracts called RSS.

No doubt, Revain ICO has successfully passed the rigorous way of collecting funds.

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