All the Things you shouldn’t Miss About Revain


People’s thoughts regarding online review system started to change on the 21’st of August last year when Revain was launched. It is a stable platform for reviews; blockchain technology helps it in providing the best service.

Generally speaking, it aims to change the traditional review community into a better one. As we can observe today, some of the posted reviews online are not genuinely made. Some are just fakery created either to boost or to destroy businesses. Good thing Revain has come up with the best framework that will surely provide nothing but real-experience-based evaluations.

How Does It Work?

Revain defines its system as the newest generation for review platforms. Why? As I have mentioned, it uses blockchain technology to achieve their desired network. Reviews produced here can’t be altered nor deleted. Yes, the writer can update them, but the original one is still displayed and shown. This is how transparent Revain is!

Also, reviewers will get rewards for writing an honest review. Each one that successfully passed levels (filtrations and verifications- by AI or manually) for identifying review qualities will then be qualified for the rewards. If failed and proven unconstructive for three times, users may be penalized in token forms also. On the other hand, companies will be charged for penalties as well if deliberated unconstructive reviews many times.

It was able to build a compelling ecosystem where users are so engaged on writing reviews. The platform has another token named as R coin which is used as trading currency on different market exchanges and was also used during a token sale.

Six Top Features of Revain

Revain features

Some of the best fundamentals of this platform are:

  • Stable Token
    Since RVN is the internal currency in Revain tokens, it has constant and fixed price value.
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI)
    Revain has been established in a combined power with the highly technologized IBM System. As we all know, Revain’s foundation is its smart way of filtering reviews. It is used to reduce cases of malicious, spams, fake or robot made reviews.
  • Permanent Reviews
    With the support of Ethereum blockchain, reviews are assured to be immutable. No one can delete or change the data published inside Revain. This is what makes this platform differ from other review sites out there. They can guarantee a truthful and not manipulated customer feedback.
  • Rewards and Incentives
    RVN tokens are offered as rewards to those users who left nothing but real projects’ reviews.
  • Automatically done Filtration
    Neural network, as well as machine learning, is used for identification of different forms of unwarranted contents, abuses, floods, spams and many more.
  • Transparent and Not Biased System
    Smart contracts and DAO keeps Revain away from any deceiving and deceptive reviews. Every transaction is publicly displayed on Revain.


Revain is genuinely a platform that is built through blockchain. The primary benefit here is that no one can control and manipulate feedbacks made. Whatever you post, Revain will permanently keep it that way.

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