Fake Crypto Reviews to End as Revain Utilizes Blockchain Technology

People nowadays usually check Revain platform before they immerse themselves into the vast and exciting world of crypto technology. It is indeed a wise idea to make researches a daily habit and stay updated or alert on the latest happening in the current market space.

As we can observe today, most of us depend highly on online customer reviews. Yes, we often use the internet since it is the most accessible and most convenient tool to use right now. In just a matter of seconds, a single click can bring you to different online review platforms. And which among those platforms will you trust; it is up to you to decide.

This article aims to help people like of my interest, to find the best and most trusted review platform for the crypto industry. Hopefully, it can also help internet users to get away from wrong feedbacks and of course, from fake reviewers.

Introduction to the World’s Unbiased Platform

Most of us usually headed ourselves towards the internet to look for other customers’ thought hoping to learn and get an idea of how was their experience with certain products or services. Majority of the people occasionally read reviews. However, only half of what we can see online is real. Others are not. We must know that online ratings can be manipulated by someone who has motives- either to build a good reputation for a specific project or create a lousy status in the market. But with the help of blockchain technology, we can ultimately end this problem soon. It can result in a better and more reliable platform.

Talking about online reviews and the power of blockchain application, there wouldn’t be more word fitted for the description than Revain. This is an innovative platform that uses ledger technology to guarantee the most accurate review as possible.

What is Revain?

It is the future of online reviews and is the new kind of feedback platform. It will elevate the importance and authenticity of every review. If the general legitimacy level of online review arises, people can earn back the full trust they lose because of fake reviews scattered everywhere.

In other sense, Revain is aimed to allow anyone most especially common users, to form a significant discussion on many projects across the world. What could be more appealing to users than to have a platform where they can share their recommendations and sentiments while having the opportunity to learn from other users? They can learn from different experiences and can avoid losses.

Differentiating RVN and R Tokens

RVN and R tokens

R token is the digital currency in the Revain system. RVN token or the reviewer reward token is valued at a finite price. Having a fixed value will promote price stabilization for the whole system. The token is exclusive to Revain platform. It is for internal purposes and can’t be used outside. Because of that, it appears to have no intrinsic value. But that is a pure misconception. RVN token can be exchanged to R token, and as all we know, R has value and can be traded on some crypto exchange. It is like being paid in cash for your reviews. The conversion is set to 1 RVN = 0.0001 R token.

The Revain Dashboard version 0.9

revain v09

This is an open yet protected platform that anyone can access. Here, users can freely post their feedbacks, and all are welcome to participate. It uses a public blockchain technology, therefore; everything is transparent and can be viewed. Everyone can read what was posted. When you write a review, you are allowing all people who enter the Dashboard to understand what you’ve written. As I’ve said, it is entirely an open platform.

If you go inside the Dashboard, the first thing that you will see is the list of top 100 cryptocurrencies reviewed inside their platform. It was arranged from top to least and can change from time to time depending on the posted review. Positive feedback can pull the cryptocurrency up, but a negative one can pull the currency down. It is one of the factors that can influence the standing of a project in the market.

Additionally, Revain comes up with the latest and improved rating algorithm. It will be responsible for assigning an individual score for projects. It will depend on the number of accumulated reviews for each cryptocurrency and the amount as a whole for a certain period. A 5.0 rating will not guarantee a cryptocurrency to go on top and surpass other cryptocurrencies with lower ratings. Meaning, a currency that has a perfect rating but with only one review count, will not make the currency a better project than a currency with a 4.5 rating but with 5 review counts. A lower rating with many reviews is more credible than a higher rating with less review. To assure a transparent and impartial score, it uses a unique mathematical formula to calculate the overall ratings on Revain Dashboard.

How Revain works?

The platform offers users several incentive schemes. Rewards are granted to good participants. However, not all review providers will automatically receive rewards. Only those with good quality and have proven real are qualified for the program.

Each Revain reviews undergo 2 verification processes- Artificial Intelligence and manual ways. After a review passes stages via AI, it will then undertake companies’ own way of manual processing. Businesses can reject a review if they believe it is far from the truth. The user who writes it may receive penalty warning, and if reached three counts, it will be automatically banned. However, if the user insists and provides proof that what he/she writes is real, that company will get penalty and writer will receive rewards. Revain will reward and penalize them through RVN tokens.

From a positive perspective, we can claim that Revain is a good investment for both company/project and users. It can help in restoring the review industry today. It can build higher user confidence for a particular project thus, promoting higher sales as well.

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