Easy Guide to Revain Trusted Platform for Online Reviews

Revain has two digital currencies- RVN and R tokens. Though created with different features, both of them are made to address the issues present on imperfect user-review protocol. One of the complications associated with the mentioned industry is that most customers lost their trust in online reviews. They believe the majority of the feedbacks are altered and negative ones are removed to maintain a good reputation. Revain proves that not all review sites are biased and manipulated.

Understanding Revain Reviews

To pursue encouragement, users will receive RVN rewards for every review written inside Revain Dashboard. There is no more appealing to users than receiving incentives by merely sharing real insights. But what is really on reviews that businesses are very willing to pay through Revain? Reviews are no wonder crucial and essential for any projects. It may build and improve the companies but can also destroy them. It is one of the deciding factors for business success. With the significant impact, Revain tries to protect every single review under its system. The platform is known for great solutions that effectively revolutionize the integrity of client’s feedbacks. It makes all honest reviews relevant in the place where customer approval and experience details are open and obtainable for everyone. These characteristics are made possible through specialized innovations named blockchain technology. It assures the trustworthiness and absoluteness of review processes.

Facts about the Two Revain Tokens

RVN tokens are mainly used on the platform system. This may be used to debit and penalize subscribing companies. Rewards mentioned above are in RVN forms which can be exchanged for R tokens. No additional or hidden fees are needed to convert those. The formula for this exchange is shown below:

Revain formula for exchange

R-crypto, on the other hand, is the currency element in Revain system. Anyone can buy Revain in different market exchanges including KuCoin, Kuna, BTCAlpha, ForkDelta and many more.

Efficient Way of Providing Revain Reviews

Revain uses a very useful motivational way to encourage more participating users. It issues rewards and penalties to secure the most dependable and highest quality of reviews. Manipulation of the whole system is strictly prohibited. Users will then earn back their assurance and trust in virtual services.

A particular system with machine intelligence will filter all feedbacks. This will sort out all invalid and poorly made reviews which will then be sent to businesses for manual valuation. In case it rejects, there should be a posted explanation on the comment section to solve the issue. If this happens, the review-provider may file disagreement which is controlled by a highly profiled panel of centralized users named as Oracles. The company will receive a warning while the user will get the reward once proven authenticated. If business reaches three warnings, it will be automatically banned on Revain. All feedbacks are saved on RSS and are readable on review pages.

Since Revain was created, the system indeed continues to excel in its craft. Revain became undeniably one of the trusted user feedback sites for the project and most especially, consumers.


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