How Cross-Checking Works for Revain Reviews?

how Revain cross-checking works

Let’s face it, not all investments are right; you may earn, but sometimes you lose. It also happens to the large crypto industry today. In fact, the result of research done by Satis Group says that only 20% of all ICO are real. This is alarming because the remaining significant part is all scams. This is the main reason why every investor should gear their selves with different ways of handling investment risks. They must know how to control the probability of losses occurrences. Since we are now on a digital world, consulting a reliable online review site can also help. Revain is ideal and best for this matter.

Meet Revain, the Most Honest Review Platform

It is the first ever feedback platform where blockchain is presented to guarantee the validity and tolerability of economic model. It will certify that the provided information is reliable and correct. Some part of the reviews is saved in blockchain and will assure that review is not edited and changed.

One thing is sure- Revain is a not bias review site created through blockchain technology. It makes users vastly motivated and highly interested in the platform. Being a new era on the crypto world, it targets the reinvention of the feedback industry, an area that should be given more emphasis and securities as it became the typical subject for fraud and peril. Some are persistent in writing fake reviews. This is unhealthy for any project because online customer insights can change the path of a company, whether it is correct or wrong. Revain has been designed with the user’s safety as the main priority. As of now, it uses Dashboard version 0.8 and is expecting to release version 1.0 before July ends. Also, there is Revain coin that supports on regulating the system and helps in performing its functionalities. RVN token is for internal processes while R coin is for fund collection.

Revain on Cross-Checking the Reviews


The team keeps on achieving the best possible results they can get for Revain. They believe that every posted review from customers is relevant considering it is sincere, realistic, comprehensive and expressively detailed. They also work continuously to provide additional security to the available algorithm. System core is the concept of cross-checking the evaluations made by users. Those reviews that are created without any bad intentions possess one common ground- the truth.

They compare all the result, research and check if reviews are likely to be unreal or authentic. There were many technical enhancements to our (and not only our) method, even though the principle of cross-checking witness statements has remained the same ever since the first Secret Service was created in the early days in Rome. If many feedbacks coincide and match, then it has more possibility to be correct.

Ending Thoughts
Revain, a collection of client’s review is indeed a helpful platform for everyone. It will enable users to share how they feel about a particular product or company. By this way, they can give accurate information based on real experience which I believe is useful for someone who’s in search of sound investment.

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