How does a Blockchain Technology Work for Revain Platform?

To fully understand Revain, it is relevant, to begin with the digital ledger that this new generation review platform uses: the blockchain technology.

The blockchain is an open dispersed ledger and contains a list of blocks that are securely connected through cryptography. Each block has previous block’s cryptographic hash, timestamp and data transactions. It can efficiently record transaction done between any parties in a lasting and verifiable way. It is usually handled by a peer to peer system following a protocol for new blocks validation and communication of internodes. Once blocks are recorded, information and data can’t be modified without altering all consequent blocks which will require network collusion. This technology is what makes Revain ahead from other review sites.

About Revain

The concept was initiated on May 2017, and initial ICO was conducted on September of the same year. The platform released the first version after two months. Revain is an authentic and fair provider of reviews. Being the most reliable platform, it gives exact and right user experiences. It reduces occurrences of false reports and status manipulation which are considered the biggest dilemma today. It remains comparatively dormant inside the market.
Revain works on making more security levels for users most convenient transaction. It has integrated Artificial Intelligence giving further protection. After sending reviews, users then get confirmation notice with an attached electronic signature from Revain. The verification letter may be used for future applications.

Another great feature was introduced to encourage more users. This will provide analytical statistics for every posted feedbacks. The writer will regularly receive a notification every time someone reads and likes the review made.

Two Revain Tokens (R and RVN)

Blockchain technology helps Revain designed two economic models and created stable coin relevant for internal processes.

R token is the Revain cryptocurrency and is used to gather funds during Initial Coin Offering. It is listed on trading exchanges including BTCAlpha, OKEx, Yobit, HitBTC, ForkDelta, Mercatox, Cryptopia, KUNA, and C-CEX. Holders can trade R on KuCoin too!

RVN token has a stable market price and works for Revain internal usage. This token is what review writer receives upon submission. Companies are debited in tokens for every posted review and can also be penalized for slow unconstructive feedbacks.

Why should you choose Revain?

Today, business reputation relies mostly on customer reviews. Useful feedback can attract more clients while a bad review will get the reverse. Revain wants to assure that all project will receive only real and authentic reviews. It will ensure maximum return from every invested money to the platform. Reviews are business references for highlighting strengths and stressing areas for improvements. Users, on the other hand, will receive a reward for every written review they make. However, not all are entitled to rewards, and everything must pass a certain filtration stage (Reviews Automatic Filtering). Only those with good qualities will be accepted. IBM Watson is used here as its principal component. Anyone can improve their business project with the support of this most honest platform.

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