How Revain will change the world’s Review Industry

Blockchain technology is continually changing the perspectives we view different industries. Projects that can help in plugging holes in blockchain-relevant markets are consistently created. Revain is a new project that seeks to provide an increment of transparency to the reviews and Public Relations industry. It undoubtedly wants to use Blockchain to do this.

How Does Revain Work?

Revain’s platform is a well-established feedback platform that mostly runs using the blockchain technology. Blockchain technology is particularly valuable because, with it, reviews on Revain cannot be deleted or tweaked. Reviewers also receive tokens for taking the time to create these reviews.

Using IBM’s artificial intelligence, the platform can be able to view and filter out reviews that are either fake or of poor quality. After this, these reviews will then be stored on Ethereum’s blockchain – where they cannot be tampered with.

With the use of Ethereum’s blockchain, Revain’s plan is to create an ecosystem that customers can trust. The plan is for customers to be able to put faith in the reviews with the hope that they’re not altered or fake.

The Review Problem

Feedback plays a very important role in the current society. It helps business understand the needs of customers. Understanding the needs will ultimately lead to the production of products and services that can be embraced. To get the genuine opinion and feelings of these customers, the reviews have to be authentic and unbiased.

A website like Yelp is a feedback platform, while eBay and Amazon allow their users to post feedback on products and purchases. These reviews and feedback have now become a very important tool which we use to identify top-notch products and services.

But even with this, customers and businesses can be deceived. A product on the market can be discredited by a competitor who falsifies reviews. Review platforms can even delete feedback that doesn’t fit their narratives.

There’s a large call for quality feedback that can be trusted and this is where Revain comes into the picture. 

Revain and Reviews

Revain will remove any chance of corruption or bias from reviews. The platform possesses an end-to-end process that is established to filter quality feedback and protect them. Companies can then approve or reject the successful reviews. With Ethereum and RSS smart contracts, companies and customers are assured that reviews are not censored in any way.

RVN tokens can be given to users as rewards as well as used by companies to buy quality feedback straight from its customer base. With this, transparency can be assured which will help in product decision making. This token can also be used to curb foul play. For breaching regulations of the platform, users can be fined. Companies can also be penalized if they unfairly reject some reviews. This will ensure that the transparency the platform is built on remains.


Revain is quite an outstanding cryptocurrency platform that is steadily revolutionizing the online review industry. With its honesty and transparency, Revain will surely continue to pave the way for a more than trustworthy ecosystem.

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