Complete Guide on How to purchase Revain

In this guide, we will show the most convenient and most comfortable wallet option for the storage of your Revain coins that came from the MyEtherwallet. Here, you can store any coin on the Ethereum blockchain that includes Revain.

Check out and then enter a password. Make sure that it would be something that is hard to guess, but you can’t forget.

In case you don’t remember this password, you may lose access to your coins.

Press ‘Create New Wallet’.


The creation of a wallet at

Click the ‘Download Keystore File’ button. Make sure to read and understand the warnings.

It is essential that you back up this file somewhere safe. You may consider getting multiple USB drives and hard drives that you can put in a safe place.

After doing this, click ‘I understand. Continue.’

Save your keystore file, and you may now have a dominant unencrypted key in your wallet.

Avoid leaving your private key to anyone. If you do this, anyone may open your wallet and get your coins.

Consider printing out your private key and storing it in a safe place. Afterward, delete all the references to it on your computer. That is because sometime in the future, you might visit a website or get malware or virus that has an advert with malicious code.

Here are the things that may target the private key because it is the easy way to open your wallet and then steal your coins.

Now, why do you have to print out the private key if it is so insecure? That is because it is your last resort. In case you lose your keystore file like your computer gets damaged or wiped or forget your password, your unencrypted private key, may still provide access to your account as a last resort.

There may be an option to print the paper wallet that displays everything you need to be able to access your wallet.

Whenever you choose to print this, treat it in the same way as the downloaded Keystore file. Make sure that it is safe and hidden.

Afterward, click ‘Save your address.’

Saving your private key.

It is important to note that we all hear phones and computers getting hacked. Websites run illicit codes so they can steal passwords. There are also phishers that trick people into clicking links that will take information from their computers.

Another line of defense is keeping your coins from getting siphoned out of your wallets. Doing this is very important.

That is the hardware wallet.

Hardware wallets may plug into your computer similar to a USB stick. They only have one job, and that is to become a firewall between the Revain and the outside world.

To complete this, they will have to encrypt the private keys to your cryptocurrency wallets so that no one else, including you, will know about them. Because of this, only someone who has physical access to your hardware wallet and knows your password will have the chance to move and access your coins.

Which are the hardware wallets that support Revain?

Hardware wallets created by Trezor and Ledger are the ones that support the sending and storage of Revain.

Where can I get a hardware wallet?

We recommend getting the Ledger Nano S from Amazon or their official website. You may also get the Trezor from those websites as well.

Nano S can make it easy in managing your coins. It has careful and compact wallet management that you can get from two buttons and a small LCD screen.

Ledger Nano S

It is as easy to use Trezor for it is small, and it features two buttons that have a lot of information packed into its small LCD screen.


Here is the Trezor user manual 4 and Ledger setup guide.

We will start to open your new wallet.

Select the option ‘Keystore File’ and upload the keystore file that you saved in step 2. Enter your password afterward.

When you are finished, scroll down the page so you can see your unopened wallet.

Unlocking your wallet

You may see a long string of numbers and letters with the label ‘Your Address.’

It will be your wallet address, and it will be where we will send your Revain coins.

Make sure to copy this address and keep it in a safe place because you will need it soon.

Looking for your wallet address

We will now get the famous cryptocurrency Ethereum so we can have it exchanged for Revain. In case you already have Ethereum, you may skip ahead.

Choose the Ethereum exchange that you would want to use by clicking the logo, and the guide will continue.

It operates in 32 countries and accepts bank transfers, debit and credit cards. You may purchase low buy limits initially, but it increases with use. This exchange may require ID verification.

This exchange has worldwide coverage, 99% of countries.

It accepts debit/credit cards and bank transfers.

The exchange has high initial buy limits compared to other trades.

It also requires ID verification.


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