Revain and MARK.SPACE Strategic Partnership for Building a Reliable Review Platform

Weeks ago, Revain stated its partnership to MARK.SPACE, a source system for creating VR and 3D compatible website on any browsers or devices with no pre-installation and registration required. Users with zero knowledge of programming can still make VR compatible web spaces.

The digital commerce industry is seriously bothered by the growing issue of fake feedbacks and rating manipulations. Platform that pays for customer insights may likely receive irrelevant feedbacks. Because of the rewards, there are significant possibilities that robots will be programmed for writing many positive reviews. It will be hard for users to identify the one made by a real human. On the other side, there are some cases that bad reviews are removed by web operators or by the concerns themselves. These cases will risk a massive fragment of online ecosystem and will ruin the trustworthiness of any companies. Those with below standard products or services will be elevated, and the entire internet market will be shattered. To address those alarming review issues, MARK.SPACE and Revain made this strategic partnership.

Revain can help tenants under MARK.SPACE on getting review authentication on all products that they offer. Through Blockchain, transparency of all reviews is secured. Through blockchain and machine Intelligence, Revain achieved a strong review sector. Its engine will be assimilating to Crypto-Valley, one of the latest developments and computer-generated cities of MARK.SPACE Technologies.

Crypto-Valley is going to be the reputational ground and main visual point of crypto entities and businesses. This will allow projects to be presented in VR or 3D format. Soon, Revain will have a digital office on Crypto-Valley making its provided services at a better level.

Rinat Arslano, Revain CEO believes that the advanced service like MARK.SPACE can attract many users. Those attentions will surely help Revain in the future. Rinat is very optimistic about this partnership and hopes a productive, efficient and equally favorable work with MARK.SPACE.


It is developed to provide users with all the needed tools for VR creation. MARK token (MRK) is MARK.SPACE’s core currency which allows any users to buy or sell VR objects and consume numerous merchandises and services. They can also use it in business promotion through MARK.SPACE platform.

About Revain

It is a feedback platform primarily based on the advanced technology of blockchain. It disallows any review changes or deletions. This is made possible through the integrated AI system that secures transparency and immutability of all transactions. Revain is an impartial platform that aims to end fake reviews for the sake of all users worldwide.

It is established to modernize and change the current online review system. It accumulates genuine user experiences on specific business and projects that have completed crowdfunding phase. This is a beneficial platform since it helps most companies to receive the feedbacks they genuinely deserve. The two Revain coins are the RVN and R tokens. R is trading in different market exchanges including Simex, BTCAlpha, C-CEX, OKEx, Yobit, KuCoin, Cryptopia, KUNA, and HitBTC. For asset security, buy Revain on the trusted platform only.

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