Reasons why Revain Skyrocketed

Last July, the ICO market was able to see rapid growth with blockchain projects, so they raised more than $540 million and made the traditional venture capital investments in startups deviate more than usual. In the past year, there was a total of $1.38 billion in ICO funding that they were able to raise. It represented a growth of more than 600% year-over-year.

It is unfortunate that the case of crowd-sales usually doesn’t have steady business behind them. There are a lot of startups that accumulate funds without the possession of a duly working prototype. How will it be possible for the average user to navigate through a variety of impressive numbers of ICOs that have a considerable probability to become nothing more than a bubble?

There may be some factors that you need to consider whenever you decide where to invest.

First and foremost the product that is under development should possess a stable business model that can continue to grow in value whenever there is tokenization or decentralization. The model, in itself, should also be in demand. It is the reason why the best ICOs will be those who have users that are shareholders and where their actions can contribute to the business or network’s growth in value. One example is a model that has token holders that may become direct participants of the project network.

The meaning of the ICO is what is essential and not the goal. Building the product on the blockchain is the goal, and ICO may merely become an alternative funding model. The business must be able to solve the real problem, and its tokens must become the means of interaction that can stimulate both sides to become the network’s participants.

The technical side should also be under consideration.

Crowdfunding instruments that they built on the Ethereum can guarantee the stability of the system and minimize the risks of losing the investment. However, the average user usually does not have this expertise. What if there was a service where a person can get peer-feedback on the ICOs to make sure that the one you invest in is reliable? There has never been any until today.

The use of the blockchain technology Revain allowed for the creation of the economic model that allows the standard users to review the ICOs and become different from other review platforms that are highly motivated. The platform enables the users to discuss various projects that were successful in carrying out the ICO. It can be an opportunity to get a look at the experience of other users as well as evaluate the risk of the investment. The system of beneficial exchange is Revain. While you review other companies, users may have reviews regarding their products. You can keep track of the transaction using the exchange currency unit which is an RVN token. Here, you will have the option to sell your right to get reviews to a different user.

The R-token which is the second token type may be in use to accumulate funds during the ICO and the currency for the exchange trade afterward. The R-token may not get bound to a particular wallet so you can distribute it efficiently, send it to the stock exchange or quickly dispose of it differently. Even if developers suggest the use of the token with their software, ERC20 will allow for the token’s disposal through any client of Ethereum like MyEtherWallet or Mist. Through this, the investors can minimize the risk of losing any funds whenever there are software malfunctions. For a person to take part in the ICO, you will have to log in to a crypto wallet that operates on Ethereum and send the cryptocurrency directly to the REVAIN wallet. In consideration of the experience of other blockchain projects, the token may be highly volatile because of the market’s speculative nature nowadays. Its value may grow to 2000%. The RVN token will become exclusively in use inside the system of REVAIN. This approach will allow a stable exchange rate. Every interaction between the companies, platform and users have a basis for this approach. The R-token got created on the Etherium platform with the use of the classic ERC20 mechanism. There is an additional motivation for the companies that are the bonus equal to fifty tokens to the first hundred companies that register on Afterward, they can exchange the tokens directly through REVAIN as well as other exchange services.

REVAIN ICO’s goal is to be able to secure funds for R&D as well as to cover the platform-related costs. While the ICO occurs, the R tokens will become available for purchase at a fixed price. The total R tokens issued will become 1,000,000,000 tokens. Eighty percent of this will be available during the ICO. Fifteen percent of this may get distributed later for Research and Development purposes for the members of the team. They will give the remaining 5% to the members and advisors of the bounty program.

As of the moment, REVAIN is partners with that allows users to get the legitimate outlook of the associated risks in investment. They are taking into account the following factors:

  • market segment
  • startup’s business model
  • competition
  • community reviews
  • technical background
  • team

The platform certainly has a chance to break the ground of the review market. The ICO-reviews developers are considering their expansion into other review markets like FMCG, gaming, booking, e-commerce, trading platforms, exchange and cryptocurrency markets. The platform has a mechanism that is substantially universal. Last July 2017, Revain underwent alpha testing. They were able to put the mechanics of interaction between the platform and users in place. It includes the mechanism for blockchain-platform interaction. Public alpha recently announced that they would start in September 2017. It may be risky to invest in ICO, but the same may be true in all the IT-startups in the early 90s. That was the time when they created Google and Amazon. The ICO market now is another opportunity to become a part of the next technology revolution for both startups and investors. It is possible for REVAIN to become one of them.

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