Revain Contributes to the Growth of IOT

The recently announced Ethereum project makes use of the M2M or machine-to-machine technology to create a legitimate feedback platform.

They title the project Revain, and it combines the talents of the IoT or Internet of Things and blockchain as well as shapes the forum’s futuristic review where “fake” does not exist. It protects companies and users from a fake review’s long-term impact that is currently a persistent problem.

The team of Revain believes that the evolution of the IoT as a whole will eventually help deliver user feedbacks that are relevant to the reputation of the company. It can become possible with the robots that rely on the system of Revain.

How does Revain Work?

As of the moment, our feedback system doesn’t allow people to recognize fake reviews. Because of this flaw, business competitors now have the opportunity for name-shamming. What the users read on the internet nowadays may not be a 100% correct. It may become a very misleading paid review.

On the other hand, Revain uses a unique review filtration mechanism that features tone analyzer, natural language understanding tool, and automatic filtration. These features can determine the review’s natural tone as well as its relevance to the company. The technology is terrific because it can check user reviews for their Sadness, Anger and Disgust levels that can be the natural language for understanding that can contribute a great deal to the IoT industry.

Revain also makes sure that they store user feedbacks on the blockchain where it can be above change. They may access these reviews by requesting from a smart contact. Therefore, there may be no scope for modification once they submit a report.

Provision of Rewards Users for Genuine Reviews

Revain makes sure that the users will get a reward for their honest contributions. They will give the reward through the internal token of Revain called RVN. If the users get compensated, there will be a minimized likelihood of getting a tampered review.


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