How Revain Helps Businesses Attract Customers

The best cryptocurrency to invest in the blockchain technology is none other than Revain. This platform makes sure that the reviews are authentic. We all know how product and service reviews are very important in today’s market. We are now in the “woke culture”. This is the era where everyone else is being more skeptical about purchases and everything else. Reviews affect the crowd’s judgement more than we realize.

Reviews Cannot Be Deleted

The Revain blockchain does not allow change and deletion of reviews. Some companies that provide and manage reviews have said to delete and edit comments. With the help of Revain, we can prevent fake and edited statements. We can be assured that the reviews we are getting are true and genuine. We can’t really depend on affirmations that are just there to deceive us for the sake of sales.

Revain reviews can also be disputed just in case the company wants to defend themselves when bad reviews surface. However, it is displayed publicly and cannot be deleted as well. Bad feedbacks will be there forever. It can be the company who is lying or the reviewer. Either way, it will be proven by other users who know about the products or services.

Limit in Posting Reviews

We can stop edited reviews but it is still hard to terminate fake ones. Revain limits the posting into five comments per day. They also have the Know Your Customer feature that put halt into multitude registration. There are companies that hire people who can create tons of accounts to prop lots of comments.

Who wants to read different reviews from one person alone, right? Know Your Customer will really help people check the authenticity of opinion regarding the products or services. It will also help the businesses to not overspend in hiring people for unreal reviews.

Basically, Revain also has a two-step verification login. The first step is called artificial intelligence. This is where the IBM AI system technology scans spam, flooding and unwarranted text. The second verification is a manual process.

Benefit from Revain Token

Aside from reliable reviews, normal customers can benefit from Revain. It has two tokens called RVN and R. RVN maintains the active participation of the users in the community, while R is a nonlinear conversion that creates internal tokens. Once users post a review, they will be rewarded by Revain through RVN. Authentic reviews are the only one valid for rewards.

Now, to have Revain tokens, you can’t use the fiat currency. BitCoin and Ethereum are the easiest way to buy through Coinbase. Coinbase is regulated by the U.S Government, it should be a safe setting to buy cryptocurrency.

If the public can get to know more about Revain, it can be the most reliable platform to look up reviews. Businesses with the highest reviews for its performance will surely attract more customers. Meanwhile, those with bad reputation have no choice but to excel and step up their game. Consumers are getting wiser when it comes to purchasing and trusting brands. Revain guarantees bona fide reviews to help us in our decision-making, money and quality wise.

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