Revain hits $0.88 on major crypto exchanges

Revain (CURRENCY:R) has been traded 8.4% up against the United States dollar during the 24 hour
period ending at 4:00 AM Eastern on March 19 th of the current year. Over the last seven days, Revain has
exchanges two percent lower against the US dollar. Revain has a market capitalization of $161.97 million
and $4.22 million worth of Revain coin was traded on exchanges in the previous day. One Revain token
can currently be bought for 0.00011926 BTC or about $0.88 on popular exchanges including BitFlip, C-
CEX, EtherDelta and Kucoin.

The success of a crypto investment depends on different factors. It includes the framework of Ethereum,
tokenization, decentralization, technical aspects, crowdfunding, business model and many more.

History and Introduction of Revain

Revain was developed by a team of blockchain enthusiasts in Moscow, Russia. The finances were
brought up by means of an Initial Coin Offering or ICO procedure in which proceeded to go from August
to September 2017.

Revain (R) provides a trustworthy platform for the users to interact with each other. Through Revain,
users can freely discuss projects, review ICOs, share experiences regarding cryptocurrency and assess
different risks of an investment.

Revain on helping account users

Revain (R) is one of the best trading platforms for cryptocurrency. It allows people and customers to give
reviews and feedbacks about any products or businesses. It provides a Revain token, which is an
exchange currency unit of the system.

Revain is actually a great Ethereum primarily based token which utilizes the Ethereum blockchain to
document user’s reviews. It has two tokens, R and the RVN tokens. R is usually purchased and then
marketed within the crypto markets. The RVN is exclusively used inside the Revain.

To start an account, people should acquire a set of Revain wallet where the Revain coins will be piled.
User can use MyEtherWallet which is the most convenient wallet to store R coins. Create a password for
the wallet and purchase Ethereum with the use of Coinbase. Finally, it can now be traded for Revain.

Revain and its benefits

Generally, Revain has a variety of offered benefits and advantages. It provides fast and uncomplicated
payment transactions between the user and the platform. The exchange of funds can be accomplished
between two people without a middleman. It also offers advanced protection and security. Revain is
very economical too since its processing fees are very low.

Revain is a well-established review platform by blockchain technologies. It makes the reviews
immutable. Feedbacks made cannot be modify, erase, alter or change. It will motivate the user to give
only the real and honest reviews. As a return for sharing good quality feedback, the user will receive free
Revain token. The review should pass the automatic filtration stage to qualify for Revain reward.

The system of Revain offers transparency too. Everyone can look and read anything in the platform.

Receiving an excellent quality reviews help a business and company to earn more customers and trusts.
This is how relevant Revain is for any company. It helps them enhance their service to attract more

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