Revain may be the only token to propel by 83% when crypto market bleeds

The blockchain technology for Reviews which is Revain has gone up by a mammoth of 92% in the past 24 hours while the whole cryptocurrency market is bleeding red. That is because of the multiple stories that broke out from the US and Asian markets. From yesterday, South Korea started their non-anonymous trading in cryptocurrencies with all of their existing customers forced to reveal their identities. Bitfinex and Tether got subpoenaed by the US CFTC for alleged fraud.

The Revain team went in an interview with the AMBCrypto team, and the following is an excerpt on why they think blockchain technology was able to grow multiple times even if the market is red.

Revain was able to release their long-anticipated version 0.4 of their platform.

The community of Revain was vibrant. After delivering their promised version 0.4, they began spreading the word actively among other crypto communities.

The product Revain’s nature is such that lots of users of other cryptocurrency projects go to Revain and leave their reviews about them. It turns out that some of their users are turning into our token-holders while exploring the project because they love it.

According to the CEO of Revain, Rinat Arslanov, the Revain platform is all about trust. They are so happy that they

Rinat Arslanov, CEO of Revain, said that the Revain platform is all about faith and they are so pleased that the recent days showed that they won the confidence of the crypto community. They are now thanking everyone who supported and believed in the project.

According to Revain’s Head of Marketing Roman Ochnev, they are delighted about the growth of the R token. They prefer to focus on the marketing and development of the platform. That is what matters most in the long term.

According to the interview of the Revain team with the AMBCrypto team, their short-term future roadmap focuses on the platform’s revolution, adds new projects and implements the blockchain technology.

Revain is now available in different exchanges such as BitFlip, BTC-Alpha, KuCoin, EtherDelta, YoBit, and Cryptopia.

As per James Florian, Munich’s cryptocurrency investor, he saw this token and went berserk. He transferred all of his portfolios to this token afterward. He believes that it may go up to another 40-50% before consolidation.

According to a Market Analyst from Chicago named Matthew Norman, when you look at the token first, it may be natural to think that it is another scam so I would never suggest this to my clients. However, after doing some research, I realized that they have a great team behind it and an excellent business idea and concept. I evidently believe that this token will eventually come up to become the Top 20 in virtual currency.

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