REVAIN (R) Just Received The Highest Reputation Status From Etherscan!

It is essential for any system to receive excellent ratings from other trusted platform like Etherscan, the leading BlockExplorer for Ethereum Blockchain and a search engine which allows crypto users to view, confirm and validate dealings on the blockchain. Just recently, Revain is very proud to achieve an OK reputation from Etherscan. It started from Neutral reputation status and then upgraded to the highest level now. A project can get OK reputation by providing only adequate and correct information. It should provide strong goals and proper communication to users. The token must be listed on big trading exchanges. The project including founders and advisers should have a visible profile too! Most importantly, no major red flat flags should be observed. Revain was able to provide all those, indeed very deserving of the status.

Users have the power also to influence other projects or businesses’ reputation by giving reviews on trusted Revain Dashboard.

History of Revain System

It was May last year when the concept of Revain started, and its very first Initial Coin Offering was conducted four months later. The preliminary platform version and core team were developed on November 2017.

Information about Revain (R)

Revain is the most trusted and unbiased provider of reviews. As the most honest platform, it gives accurate and real user experience. It eliminates any cases of fake reviews and rating manipulation which are the most common and one of the biggest problem today. Anyone can genuinely rely on Revain.

Utilizing blockchain technology, Revain produced a financial model, which enables typical users to keep extremely determined because of RVN token. The system got a completely secure central token through nonlinear conversion mechanism and R tokens. The team was able to make open, immutable and incorruptible system.

RVN and R Token

Revain project is unique because of its two different tokens, and both are used to support the system to work correctly.

R Token is primarily used to collect funds on ICO and is the official currency for trading exchanges. Based on other crypto projects, this token is very unpredictable and unstable because of the market nature today. It comes in insufficient supply on crowdfunding cycle. As the R demand increases more than the amount, its value on exchanges will eventually grow as well.

On the other hand, RVN token is used for internal purposes. Its value has a stable rate exchange. It is widely used for rewarding users with good quality reviews and for debiting businesses in tokens with every posted review. It can also be used to penalize companies for deliberating not effective control of reviews and users for not complying with their constructed rules. It ensures systematic operations of the whole network and guarantees the efficiency of Revain.

These two tokens help on stabilizing exchange RVN rate and assist in developing Revain.

Nowadays, investors or buyers choose Revain because of great features that it offers. It is built with Artificial Intelligence (AI) therefore Revain is unbiased and will only provide honest reviews.

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