Revain (R) The First Blockchain Powered Review System

Any false reviews are considered a serious issue facing businesses today. With the modern technology now, it is effortless to make an account and then leave either good or bad feedback. But how can we be sure if it is a real judgment or not? No one can control someone’s mind for spreading questionable or false feedback, but a reliable platform which can filter all reviews may do.

Misleading reviews are undoubtedly one of the main issues relating companies until Revain came in action.

What is this so-called Revain?

It is a review platform which is very credible and upright. It can provide a significant number of reviews from different real buyers or customers all around the world. It is like a handy modernized platform as Revain is systematically and orderly designed. All businesses included in Revain are correctly arranged.

You are for sure wondering now why this Revain earned its title as the most honest platform, and you are possibly thinking how it works.

Well, Revain uses blockchain technology to execute most of its processes. With this application, Revain was able to build an economic model for all and design RVN token. It is a big help on motivating users to do only good quality reviews. There is a strict filtration level a review must undergo. Upon passing, review providers will automatically receive a token as a reward.

Being an Ethereum platform, Revain is expected to be a very transparent system ensuring an immutable and incorruptible community. Anyone can read reviews and ratings posted. No alterations or deletions can be done once made. This way users are left with no option but write real experience reviews.

Trading Exchanges for R Token

Revain has another token named R. It is used to collect funds during ICO and can now be traded in many market exchanges. Anyone can buy and sell R in trading platforms like KuCoin, OKEX, HitBTC, Cryptopia, BTC-Alpha, Mercatox, Etherdelta, Yobit, Coinmmarketcap, Bitflip, CCEx, Etherscan, Bitpie and in Kuna. It was listed in different exchanges, but most of the traders use KuCoin because of the fast transaction, discounts and low trading fees collected.

Why should you choose Revain?

Most businesses and buyers prefer to use Revain not just because of the rewards. They usually chose it because of the whole platform itself. The system was developed with the use of Artificial Intelligence. It is not biased and will only give honest reviews. Its internal RVN token has a constant value and will never change in value.

Everyone needs the excellent quality reviews it can provide. We all know that the excellent reputation of a business is a powerful marketing tool to engage new customers. Star ratings and reviews help customers cut down long researches about a company or a product. They usually base their decision making on reviews from other customers. It helps them decide easily and gives confidence in making investments.

Without a doubt, Revain is still the most trusted and the best review system in the history.

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