Revain (R) trades up to 5.36% versus US dollar

Today, May 04, 2018, Revain has a price up of $0.999550 USD. Based on the crypto market graph, it is 5.36% higher than its yesterday value. Coin holders can trade R for 0.00010402 BTC (1.07%) or 0.00129735 ETH (-5.63%). Its market cap has reached $186,366,098 USD or 19,395 BTC for Bitcoin and 241,891 ETH for Etherem. Its total volume for 24 hours is $2,104,280 USD (218.99 BTC, 2,731 ETH). The overall supply of this coin is 484,450,000 R and 186,450,000 R is currently circulating all over the market.

All about Revain

Revain, along with its R currency is typically identified as a ground-breaking review platform for crypto market. It is built with blockchain idea. Coin users can post evaluations, reviews and ratings here. Upon passing the filtration stage, they will then receive rewards for doing so. However, Revain never allows users to modify or delete posted reviews making it very immutable.

RVN coin was developed by applying effective Ethereum crypto system. This empowered the coin designers to produce a clear system that not just ensures defense to system but causes this to being incorruptible. RVN uses high man-made intelligence. The support is produced in cooperation with high technology of IBM. Most users of the Revain process get treated with tokens for every single evaluation they create. But, for the review to become recognized, it should cross the filtration period. The RVN procedure is very reliable, smart contracts along with DAO secure it from false evaluations.

Two unique tokens of Revain


  • RVN token


It is the currency inside Revain.  It has a constant ad stable value. All inner operations and processes use this token that is why the value is forever fixed. RVN token is allotted for rewarding users who give good quality reviews. Revain debits companies in terms of token for all written reviews. In instances when users did not comply with the platform’s rules and regulations, it can be used too for penalizing them.


  • R token


It is the currency used in trading exchange. During ICO, It is used also for funds gathering. It comes in limited supply only on crowdfunding times.

All users and companies that affiliates with Revain will be benefited from this platform. Revain users can share their feedbacks while earning tokens (the pros, cons and summary). They can use the system to exchange ideas and suggestions with other coin users too. On the other hand, businesses will gain from it also. Revain helps eliminates fake and misleading reviews. Good reviews mean more potential users for the business.

With the support of blockchain technology, the platform was able to handle and manage economic market model. The whole system through RVN rewarding, provides users a highly motivational source to give only real and best quality of reviews.

Revain changes the world by reinventing new way of executing reviews. It revolutionized the traditional human means of sharing feedbacks. This is trusted by most investors and users because of the stable tokens, transparency, immutability, Artificial intelligence and the whole system.

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