Revain (R): Trusted Platform Review Provider based on Blockchain Technology

Most of us are doing everything online including purchases and investments. We often buy through our mobile phone, make product or service researches and look for peers’ opinion and reviews. Companies gain unprecedented products exposure through this. Nine out of ten customers read online feedbacks before they make any moves. The rising influence of customer reviews and the effect it gives on decision buying are of dominant importance. To fill the growing needs, a team from Moscow, Russia constructed a review platform for any crypto projects. This most reliable system is named as Revain.

What is Revain platform?

It is the earliest bird to produce review platform that uses blockchain technology to secure authenticity. It is the framework of an economic model that provides genuine consumers experience. Its primary objective is to build an easy to use service that will give businesses constructive reviews. Fragments of it are kept in blockchain which assures everything can’t be edited. It allows anyone to discuss many projects that have successfully perform ICO.

Revain is a review site where experiences and suggestions about products, services, people or businesses can be posted. The goal is to help people share their thoughts and opinions.

Constructing a review is undeniably a hard task for it requires users time and effort to do so. It had to come in details such as pros, cons, and conclusions. To compensate users for their extended efforts, Revain will reward them with RVN token. It will use precise formulas to calculate the bonuses user may receive. Fake reviews will not gain profits. Because of the possibility that user may use Artificial Intelligence to generate rewards, Revain implemented various modern technologies. The utilization of smart contracts allows saving of tons review.

RVN and R token: Purposes and its Supported Trading Sites

Revain is unique because of two different kinds of economic models, the R and RVN token. With these tokens, Revain can make a stable coin essential for the internal mechanism.

R Token is primarily used for funds gathering in times of ICO and will then serve as the unit of currency in trading exchanges. Its value is unpredictable and hard to speculate because of the nature of market industry today.

RVN Token, on the other hand, is more stable compared to the first token. It is used for internal processes like users rewards and companies debits or penalties. It can penalize users for noncomplying with rules too!

R tokens are now trading on exchanges like OKEx, HitBTC, Mercatox, KUNA, C-CEX, Cryptopia, ForkDelta, Yobit, BTCAlpha and famous KuCoin. Users may buy or sell it with different supported trading pairs.

Ethereum based smart contracts handle Revain crowdfunding phase and token generation processes. Its project development can be supported by sending other projects’ cryptocurrencies to Revain wallets. Funds should be sent before the start of crowdfunding. Accepted crypto coins are BTC, ETH, CASH, Dogecoin, NAVcoin, Vertcoin, Litecoin, Dash and many more. On that time, R tokens are available to purchase for a fixed price.

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