Revain Releases Dashboard Version 0.8

Revain Dashboard Version 0.8

Just recently, Revain releases its updated and more convenient Dashboard Version 0.8. It carries on implementing functionality features for crypto projects and coin trades as corporate accounts aspect is out of beta and fully accessible. The process of generating corporate account is straightforward. You merely have to click ‘Log in’ first. Then, press ‘I’m a Company.’

All companies can now easily control their page inside Revain Dashboard through the corporate accounts. It will assist businesses in creating a good impression in crypto society. It contains the project or exchange information, logo, and social networking stuff. Soon, this corporate account will boost the business track record and awareness among its customers. Project accounts will involve the record of every follower, obtained evaluations, account settings and information about the project.

A dashboard is a platform provided by Revain Company. It is where you can find different businesses that have successfully released ICO projects. It is built for one main reason- to ensure good quality and authentic reviews. Anyone is free to share feedbacks, evaluation or impression on a particular company. Just make sure it is a real experience or else you will be penalized. Expect an RVN token as a reward for posting honest reviews.

About Revain

It is the truest and first ever review center powered by blockchain technology. Revain is a very transparent system for it allows everyone to view anything on the platform. It issues two tokens, one for raising funds (R) and one for internal purposes (RVN). The latter is used to reward, penalized user or company and to debit companies as well. Companies will pay a review fee to Revain for each review received. Review fee is equal to platform fee and user reward.

Revain ICO or Initial Coin Offering was launched in Russia. R selling price back then was 0.05 USD each. It started on the 21st of August last year and ended on the 4th of September.

R token are typically stored in a protected wallet. There are different kinds of wallets to choose from, select at your own risk. One of those is MyEtherWallet which is believed to be the most straightforward and most user-friendly to keep crypto coins including Revain.

Steps on how to buy Revain are a bit simple. Make a wallet first where you will be storing coins. Go to and create a password for security purposes. Create new wallet and Download Keystore File. Click I understand once you are done reading the entire warnings. A private key will be sent to you shortly. Save address and open your new wallet. Go to Keystore File and enter the password. Save the provided wallet address. You are now ready to purchase Revain.

You can buy R token on different market exchanges including KuCoin, HitBTC, OKEx, KUNA, Mercatox, Cryptopia, YoBit, C-CEX, BTCAlpha, and ForkDelta. Select the platform you prefer the most. It should have a good reputation, fast transaction speed, low fees, rewards or discounts, excellent customer support and of course the security features which is the most critical element, I guess.

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