Revain Releases their New Version

In the Russian Federation of Moscow last January 29, 2018, was the first release of the year. On that day, Revain announced their next step in the development of their review platform that is blockchain-based. That company recently released the version 0.4 of their flagship Dashboard service. After they aimed to test the core functions of several iterations, Revain finally added the first fifteen projects of their platform.

Here are some of the things that they included in version 0.4:

They relocated the starting page from the project page of Revain to a list that has all of the tokens added to the platform. This includes some necessary information like open source activity, ICO and today’s price, volume and rating. Users may choose a project and then review all of the statistics about it including the qualitative and authentic feedback that other token holders provide.

After that, there is an improvement in the dashboard design and user interface. They also redesigned the search line. There were some changes in the user interface like the ‘add review’ button that they moved to the bottom of the site for the convenience of the user. They were also able to add new animations among others.

Finally, the dashboard now has sharing buttons. It allows users to share various performance and statistic of the token that they can hold through the social media channels.

We are starting to gain momentum in the platform’s progress since development is now more sophisticated and complex. Check out the Release 0.4.


About Revain

Revain aims to revolutionize online reviews with the use of the blockchain technology. It has a platform that has a design to accumulate authentic user reviews on startups and projects that concluded their ICO or crowdfunding stage. The platform can also bring the service to life, and it will finally allow businesses to get genuine and detailed feedback regarding their projects. Aside from that, users may even gain access to the experience of other people with the ICOs and share and their insights. The platform will provide aggregating information on significant milestones and token dynamics in the development of the startup.

Revain was able to release their platform’s version 0.3 last December 2017. It targets to deliver the full release of the 1.0 as early as the 2nd quarter of 2018. Since they use the blockchain technology, Revain may be able to create an economic model that can reward users for the creation of honest reviews online through the RVN token. As of the moment, Revain is a stable internal token because of the nonlinear conversion mechanism that has a basis on R. This token may be available and tradable even if you are on the platform. The whole system will remain immutable, incorruptible and transparent because it relies on the Ethereum platform.

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