Revain – The Platform for Authentic Reviews

As with almost anything on the internet, cryptocurrencies are also subjected to scams. Those who are looking for the right cryptocurrency to invest in, need to be careful when buying ICOs (Initial Coin Offerings). With plenty of research about the subject, you can become successful in this digital coin industry.

Revain to the Rescue

Revain offers a new review system in accordance to blockchain technology. The main concept of Rvain is to eliminate reviews that are unreliable and deceiving. It uses a smart and advanced technology so it can deliver what it promises.

Revain has been making a name online and many cryptocurrency articles include the benefits of Revain to the industry. There is no question about it when it has become an efficient tool in the modern world.

How Revain Does Its Job

Online reviews are important to the buying public, as they help people make the right choice. If you want only the top cryptocurrencies to invest in, revain utilizes a machine learning technology and artificial intelligence feature that filter the content of the reviews on the Revain blockchain platform.

If you buy Revain, it ensures that you get honest and legitimate reviews. The filtration stage scans the content for any scam and malware. The smart technology makes it easy for revain to detect warning signs and clean them up before posting into the blockchain.

Revain Reviews

Revain caters to a variety of businesses. These consist of crypto exchange reviews and ICO reviews. When it comes to Revain coin review, users will be able to get ideas from other users about good, profitable investments and their experiences about ICOs.

With regard to exchange reviews, the revain system allows real users to post their experiences on the platform. Dishonest people and businesses, not to mention bots, have no room in the revain market. As it gives penalty to fraudulent reviews, one of the good things about revain is that it offers rewards to users who post authentic reviews.

Smart contracts protect the system, and legally allows it to remove tokens from any business or user who are proven to have done some fraud and dishonesty.

Two Currencies of Revain

Two currencies are needed in order for revain to work. These are also called tokens. R token is used in the event of the crowdsale by collecting funds. The other Revain token is the RVN, which is utilized inside the system. While R tokens are available in limited supply, the RVN helps the overall function of revain.

The R token increases its value over time, depending on the progress of the platform. On the other hand, the condition of the market will not affect RVN. You can trade revain on EtherDelta, Kucoin, Cryptopia, OKEX, and HitBTC.


When you think that scams and fake reviews are a hopeless case, Revain comes in and saves the day. It addresses this kind of problem with the help of blockchain technology, artificial intelligence, smart filtration process, among other effective modern innovations. Now, it is easy to know what cryptocurrency to invest in and succeed in this industry.

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