Revain – The Revolution of Blockchain Technology

There are several factors that contribute to the success of a cryptocurrency investment. You have tokenization, business model, decentralization, ethereum framework, crowdfunding, technical aspect, etc.

The best cryptocurrencies to invest in are those that have users who are also shareholders. They are the right people who can help the growth of business value and can make contributions to the project network.

ICO Investment

Initial Coin Offering is when a company introduces a new cryptocurrency to the public. ICO is considered crowdfunding. The value of cryptocurrency increases, as its demand rises along with the progress of the company.

Many cryptocurrency giants and successful investors have started their journey with an ICO. But, for a beginner of Initial Coin Offering, or even to an average user, they lack the expertise about blockchain projects, ICO listing, ICO funding, what cryptocurrency to invest in, how to navigate in the system, ICO calendars, coin prices, mining, and so on.

This is where the Revain blockchain technology comes into the picture. It provides a platform for users to interact with each other. They review ICOs, discuss projects, share cryptocurrency experiences, and assess risks of an investment.

How Revain Helps Users

Revain is the best trading platform for cryptocurrency which allows people to get reviews about their own products, and review and give feedback to other businesses as well. It is a system that benefits all parties. It utilizes a revain token, which is an exchange currency unit that helps monitor the exchanges within the system.

Since people are looking for the best cryptocurrency to invest in, revain makes it possible for the user to have an idea about some investment risks. In accordance to certain factors, the risks are determined through the business model of the startup, its technical background, competition, team, market segments, and reviews from the community.

You are able to purchase tokens from a legitimate cryptocurrency blog. You may also have access to their crowdsale, usually if you are an early bird.

What Makes Revain Unique

When you buy Revain and use this review platform, you get to experience its unique features such as Artificial Intelligence.

As a reader, you want to be sure that the reviews are true and fair, something that are not done for another hidden motive. On the other hand, businesses would also want to receive reviews that are written objectively. In the case of a reviewer, you do not want someone to change or edit what you have written.

Thanks to revain technology, these kinds of problems are addressed with the use of blockchain technology and artificial intelligence (AI). It allows both positive and negative reviews, as long as they are supported by evidence. In other words, it filters fake reviews for you, and give quality sources from real people instead.


When it comes to the review market, Revain has truly become a groundbreaking system. It is a investment that you can have for the long term. In fact, revain has already conducted their alpha testing on 2017 to ensure its effectiveness and performance.

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