How do Revain Supports ICO Projects and Businesses?


Genuine online reviews are essential for all businesses today. It sets the brand reputation of a project. Positive feedback will be likely to engage more clients. It can even increase the profits and revenues. On the other hand, negative comments will inevitably decrease customer counts. It only shows how feedbacks immensely influence the status of a company. With this result, reviews and ratings became the primary subject for manipulation. The current industry needs an honest and dependable platform to fight this growing dilemma. Therefore, experts made Revain which is the most trusted review provider nowadays.

What is Revain?

It is the latest era for online reviews and will not allow changes or deletion of reviews. It has made a transparent system that guarantees reliable platform. It collaborated with IBM AI system. AI is used for further security.

The first audience of Revain is ICO –funded projects. It described the vision of first Dashboard version. It dealt with the subjects of value proposition, customer segment and high-level view of the product. The first solution will help with the evaluation of project progress. Revain will help potential investors in deciding if the investment is safe or not.

On the first phase, Revain focuses on different areas that help on project evaluation. These are token’s exchange rate dynamic, work progress, timeline and the team. Revain will collect all this data and will allow more true people opinion and companies’ comments on their system.

Revain also provides reviews about cryptocurrency exchanges. Traders after transactions can share their experiences and let others know how they feel. Feedback fragments will be saved for the detection of any unwarranted messages. This course assures reviews are not modified to reduce the risks of fake ones. However, the authors can still edit the reviews they wrote. All changes are shown together with the updated reviews.

What is the concept?

Revain App

Revain, with the use of blockchain technology has managed to generate a monetary model which makes a large quantity of highly committed users. The platform rewards every user by token incentives. This token was created through R token and built-in mechanism. These two Revain tokens help in regulating the system. R coin is used to collect funds while RVN is used for internal usage. It is an advance review platform that uses blockchain to ensure all feedbacks left by users are authentic. Revain wants only constructive reviews for all projects.

A company that uses Revain solutions will gain additional benefits regarding company market value because of the higher level of transparency and confidence it brings. It will mean a positive impact on their business growth. The legitimacy is reached by state-of-the-art operation technique wherein evaluations fragments are handled both by machines and manual process.


Revain is genuinely the ideal network for accumulating feedbacks. It helps businesses especially those new in the industry on building names and reputations. Revain will help them enhance their products and services. The platform generally addresses most of the issues related to online reviews.

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