The Revain Token is now listed on OKEx

Revain is happy to announce that their token recently got listed on one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges in the world: OKEx. In the past few weeks, the makers were working closely with the team of OKEx to make this happen. For Revain, OKEx will represent this most significant exchange with any metric that includes the audience size and trading volume. Like everywhere else, you will find the symbol of Revain on the OKEx exchange as R. Trading has started as of the moment.

About Revain

Revain aims to revolutionize online reviews with the use of the blockchain technology. It has a platform with a design for accumulating authentic user reviews on startups and projects that concluded their ICO or crowdfunding stage. The platform may bring to life the service that will eventually allow businesses to get genuine and detailed feedback regarding their projects as users access the experience of other people with the ICOs and share their insights. The platform will aggregate the information on significant milestones and token dynamics of the startup’s development.

Revain was able to release the version 0.4 of their platform last January 2018 and they target to deliver its full release1.0 as early as the 2nd quarter of 2018. With the use of the blockchain technology, Revain will create an economic model that rewards its users for the creation of honest reviews online through the token RVN. RVN is still the stable internal token because it is available and tradable outside of the platform. The whole system is still immutable, transparent and incorruptible because it relies on the Ethereum platform.

About OKEx


One of the most famous digital asset trading platforms all over the world is OKEx. OKEx’s core team consists of people from world-recognized companies like Huawei, Alibaba, and Tencent. OKEx believes Bitcoin’s core principles have smart contracts, distributed ledger, and blockchain that can reshape the ways people trust each other. The transformation can increase the efficiency of transactions all over the country and eliminate the barriers to transactions that will eventually have a great impact on the global economy.

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