Things you should know about the Revain Cryptocurrency

How does the Revain cryptocurrency work?

They designed the RVM coin with the use of the successful Ethereum crypto platform. It allowed the coin’s developers to create a transparent system that not just guarantees immunity to the platform but also makes it incorruptible. RVN makes use of high artificial intelligence. They developed the service in close collaboration with hi-tech IBM. All of the people who use the Revain system may get rewarded with tokens for every review that they create. Before they get a reward for the report, they should first pass the filtration stage. Smart-contracts and DAO will protect it from fake reviews since the RVN system can be trustless.

For a long time, businesses relied on feedback from their customers. These reviews allow to destroy or build businesses. Therefore, it follows that companies should invest in a system where they can learn about the feedbacks of customers on time. It will help the industry adjust their processes and improve their performance while satisfying the customers. The system of Revain was meant to create the feedback job for delegation to machines. It says that if a fridge that a person bought breaks down, it will utilize the IOT or internet of things and contact the manufacturer to inform them what broke down. In return for this, the manufacturer will get genuine feedback from the fridge, and he will know how to improve and their future products.

Lots of businesses adopted the Revain system which is why the risk of artificial feedback may vanish. Businesses can now get organic feedback that they may use for the improvement of the service or product that a company offers. Since the system uses the blockchain technology, it may become difficult to alter or delete the feedback. Aside from that, it will become more comfortable for the mechanics and technicians to calculate the repair’s cost.

Revain charts

Crypto’s performance

This year, the roadmap for Revain is quite tight. The firm is planning to launch the RVN token in the third quarter and release the gaming reviews in the fourth quarter. It is similar to Ethereum and other significant cryptos because the price of RVN’s increased in the latter part of 2017. It reached a high of $0.86 from a low of $0.07 in the past months. By the end of the year, the market cap may stand at $160 million. On January, the crypto enjoyed the bullying streak that allowed it to reach the all-time high of $1.96 last January 31. The market cap was able to pass the $360 mark on the last day of January. RVN crypto’s growth into something more significant now appears inevitable.

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