Revain Version 0.9 Introduces Premium Subscription

Revain Dashboard v0.9 release

Revain has successfully updated its Dashboard and has finally come up with v0.9. This is close to the targeted version 1.0. The platform established a new company premium subscription, the world’s first ever premium service for market exchanges and crypto projects.

The updates were made to extend help on all subscribed project or company owners. With the support that Revain can provide, those owners will surely gain and sustain the users’ confidence in the entire digital community. Also, companies can now efficiently communicate with any review authors and can reward them for every good quality feedbacks in the future. These are the major Revain Dashboard updates, and so the platform is very proud to release it.

Update Inclusions on Version 0.9
  • Review sharing option
    This additional feature enables users to share review to anyone they want. Authors can share and send the review link to the crypto project they reviewed. Of course, all reviews are vital and essential for companies. They will be glad to hear any customers’ feedback most especially if it improves their product or services.
  • Review motivation system
    Users are highly motivated in doing a high-quality review. It was achieved through the rewards that the Revain and companies provide. The Artificial Intelligence that the platform uses is based on innovative IBM Watson. It assures that rewards will only be given to those authors with helpful and high qualitative reviews. Rewards will be in RVN token form.
  • Feedback management
    This is one of the most excellent tools to track negative and to engage positive reviews. Users or companies can post a comment or a reply to specific feedback. Replying for a particular review is now an option. It will provide the company a chance to clarify things, to ask or reason out the causes of poor reviews and tell publicly the standard protocols they will be using to prevent such bad experiences. On the other hand, a company can also show their gratitude on positive review writer by thanking them on their replies. Customers’ loyalty is something that companies should always be thankful for.

Revain encourages every company to join and use the platform as a useful tool to enhance their reputations in the industry. There is a one-month free subscription trial for every crypto project to test if the tool and the whole platform can increase their market status. Moreover, Revain has wholly restructured the complimentary emails as well.

About Revain Platform

Indeed, Version 0.9 will genuinely widen the capabilities of Revain platform in building a real connection between companies and the users. It paves the way for a new exciting path for all parties. It‘s a groundbreaking platform built in blockchain technology. It utilizes two distinct tokens- RVN for rewarding/penalizing users or businesses and R coin for gathering of funds. Its users can write reviews about any products, services or companies listed on the platform. Revain is genuinely an excellent provider of real customer reviews and is making a good name in the present business world.

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